13-year-olds can have sex

Dear Emma,

Respect: you know what you want, you know what you are doing, you have first tender experiences that you can enjoy. And you decide when you want to experience your first time - full of responsibility, regardless of how old you will be then.

Just this much: Sex under 14 is indeed forbidden, if two 13-year-olds have sex with each other, they will still not be punished, they are not yet of criminal age. Only the parents could file a criminal complaint, and they would waive it if they found out. The aim is to protect girls under 14 from being attacked by older people.

What I want to tell you is that petting is such a tremendous, unique experience, you can gain experience over a long period of time, and petting is often a much nicer experience for many girls and boys than sleeping together. So take your time with your petting experiences.

Of course, you have to be careful when petting, but you won't get pregnant that quickly. It is dangerous when both of them are naked downstairs and the boy has his ejaculation right at the vaginal entrance. So sperm cells could swim into the moist vagina. But even if someone is wearing panties, the thing with the ejaculation is no longer dangerous. You also have to be careful if the boy has an ejaculation, gets semen on his fingers and immediately afterwards grasps the vagina with the fresh semen finger. This is how you can transfer seeds. But if the semen is only briefly in the fresh air, the sperm cells become immobile - semen is no longer dangerous.

That's right, you should think twice about the pill. Of course, you can talk to your mother about it and ask for an appointment with the gynecologist and get clarified. When you're 13, you'll need your mother's permission for the pill.

All my love to you