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Quora: 100 million users affected by hacker attack

"Security Awareness" training in advance would have helped ward off attacks

[datensicherheit.de, 06.12.2018] According to media reports, the US online questionnaire opened on November 30, 2018 Quora communicated that around 100 million users are said to be affected by a hacker attack. The attackers stole sensitive information such as email addresses, defaced passwords, usernames, private direct messages, comments and the ratings of the responses, as well as information imported from LinkedIn. The attack on Quora is said to be based on "social engineering" and could have been prevented through modern "security awareness" training, commented Detlev Weise, "Managing Director" at KnowBe4.

Image: KnowBe4

Detlev Weise, "Managing Director" at KnowBe4

Social engineering and malware are currently the greatest security risks

“Social engineering and malware currently represent one of the greatest security risks for sensitive data. The complexity of IT and insufficient training of employees increase the already difficult task of securing online services, desktop devices and the entire network of a company ", says Detlev Weise.

Intensify training initiatives on "Security Awareness"!

As a result, many companies have largely focused on defending against these attacks by introducing their security awareness training initiatives intensified.
Wise: "Security awareness training helps employees vigilant stay and recognize social engineering in good time, which makes them less susceptible to fraudulent attacks. "

Train how to recognize phishing, smishing and vishing attempts!

A modern training program informs the participants about the signs and dangers of so-called phishing, smishing and vishing attempts and then trains them with practical ones Simulations.
A suitable platform has a large number of templates for simulated Social engineering attacks by email, phone and SMS.

Sensitize employees!

These could be used automatically to make employees aware of security gaps and malicious attempts at fraud, so that they are protected from such unforeseen attacks protect can.
“This can reduce the risk of a data protection incident like Quora greatly reduced become", explains Weise.

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