Why is Javascript not used for data science?

7 most popular programming languages ​​in 2021


The need for software developers has been growing steadily for years. Everything around us is being digitized. With more and more people in IT professions, it's not surprising how much technology has expanded and at what speed it is evolving.

Since the number of programming languages ​​available has become overwhelming and every programming job has its own specific requirements, it can be extremely daunting as a beginner to figure out which language to start with.

To make your work a little easier, you will find one below List of the best programming languages ​​in 2021that you can learn as a beginner.

1. Python

For people who are just starting out in computer science in 2021, and also for those who have some experience with the language, Python is something that every programmer should be familiar with.

Python offers an intuitive and easy-to-learn syntax that makes it a popular choice with beginners and professionals alike.

One advantage of Python is that the language is very versatile. Python can be used almost anywhere. Regardless of whether you want to develop on the back end of a website or a mobile app, or want to deal with data science, Python has become indispensable for this and many other tasks.

Python is the language of choice in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and other areas of data science.

Data science has been a very popular area since last year, as companies can now gain insights from data analysis and use them, for example, to set up new business areas or to optimize existing processes. Libraries such as TensorFlow, SciKit, and Keras have made the complex computations required to run various models very cost-effective and quicker.

This versatility and the availability of all sorts of libraries in Python have resulted in a tremendous growth in the demand for this language. Python just keeps growing, without a break!

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is THE programming language of the internet. When you visit a website like lerneprogrammieren.de, JavaScript is very likely to be used there.

The advantage of JavaScript is that it offers a syntax that you can use both in the front end and in the back end of websites. That offers enormous flexibility. In addition to HTML and CSS, JavaScript offers a way that allows developers not to equip and design their websites with elements, but to make websites with functions more dynamic

In addition, Javascript is also the basic language used in popular web frameworks such as React, Vue.js, and Node.js. Websites that you visit regularly, such as YouTube, Instagram, Netflix and Reddit, were all created with Javascript (and the respective JavaScript frameworks).

3. Java

Java is another popular programming language that, while one of the oldest languages ​​on this 2021 list, is still in high demand. Java is often used in the context of larger companies.

Furthermore, Java is widely used in Android development, which, given the popularity that Android applications have gained, makes Java a very desirable skill in the job market.

Due to the scalability of Java and its enormous speed, large companies such as Adobe and Amazon are just a few companies that are on the list of users of this programming language. As of 2021, there are more than 129,000 public repositories in Java on Github alone.

4. C / C ++

C / C ++ are actually two programming languages. They are among the fastest programming languages ​​and offer a high level of functionality. These languages ​​are therefore used in most low-level systems, such as operating systems, embedded systems, kernel development, etc. The languages ​​are even often the basis for the development of new programming languages.

Due to the abundance of libraries and the enormous stability, C / C ++ are also often used in game development or for virtual reality applications. Large corporations such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are often looking for capable developers of these languages.

5. C #

C # is a programming language developed by Microsoft that has made a name for itself in the field of web and game development.

C # is best known in Unity game development. Unity is one of the most popular game engine software used for developing 2D and 3D video games

Likewise, C # plays a major role in the creation of Windows applications and is therefore also used on the backend side of websites such as Bing and Visual Studio.

6. Go

Golang, or "Go" for short, is a programming language developed by Google. Recently, when multithreading and distributed systems concepts have become very popular, Go is gaining more and more market share among developers. This language is currently one of the most widely used languages ​​by startups. Go was designed to easily support multithreading, which is why this language is used for building projects such as Docker, Kubernetes, as well as blockchain applications.

7. PHP

Despite the huge popularity that languages ​​like Python and JavaScript have gained in backend development, PHP is still very popular and continues to be used by the largest content management system, WordPress. There is still a huge demand for PHP developers in the market as many websites (especially WordPress) are PHP based. Hence, even in 2021, PHP is still a great choice for beginners to start programming.

Bonus language: Kotlin

Kotlin is a language developed by JetBrains. Kotlin's focus is on the development of Android apps. Precisely for this reason, Google decided to name Kotlin as the official language for Android development, putting it ahead of Java. And with Android being the best-selling mobile operating system, the fact that Kotlin is one of the languages ​​to be learned in 2021 comes as no surprise.

Which programming languages ​​should you learn in 2021?

Software development is one of the best-known areas in the IT industry. The industry's popularity continues to grow and there is no sign of it slowing anytime soon. All of the above languages ​​are among the most popular and widely used programming languages ​​in 2021 and are definitely worth learning. Good luck with coding.