What is soft iron

Soft iron

Material properties

For applications that require a high saturation magnetization but require defined magnetic properties, it is not recommended to use a conventional ferrous material or steel. Reliable and reproducible magnetic material properties can only be achieved with magnetic irons through a careful machining and annealing process. Magnetic iron is mainly used in the field of magnet systems, e.g. B. in pole pieces, yokes, as anchor bodies and in the form of flux guide plates. Magnetic iron shields make it possible to control strong magnetic fields. The high Curie temperature allows applications that can be made with MUMETALL® or PERMENORM® 5000 H2 would not be realizable, but the coercive field strength and the dynamic losses are significantly higher than with the latter.

Soft iron can be obtained from SEKELS GmbH as prefabricated parts and in the form of sheets and rods. We are also happy to offer suitable ones Surface coatings as corrosion protection at.

Typical properties (annealed)


99.9% Fe
µ40 (static)about 1000
Hc [At the]approx. 60 - 120
Bs [T]2,15
Curie temperature [° C]approx. 770
Spec. Electr. Resistance [µOhm * m]0,107
Density [g / cm3]7,86