What happened to the USS Nimitz

US Navy publishes recordings of "unidentified aerial phenomena"

You don't see much: An unknown oval object flies in the sky off the coast of California's San Diego in 2004. Sometimes you can see it light, sometimes dark, depending on whether the sky is light or dark. Fighter pilots of the US aircraft carrier "USS Nimitz" (photo above) took the pictures:

“UFOs” are spotted again and again - and turn out to be weather balloons or drones with great regularity. Not in these cases. At least until now.

Secret program for UFO identification

In order to practically ask the public for assistance, the US Department of Defense - the Pentagon - has now published three videos of different encounters: You can download them on this page.

A Pentagon spokeswoman said on Monday that the Navy had officially released the material to clarify whether the videos were real and whether there was more to the footage. "The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as 'unidentified'", said the spokeswoman.

The recordings have actually been known since 2017. The New York Times reported about it at the time. As well as a mysterious UFO identification program in which the Pentagon invests 22 million dollars annually and which was allegedly discontinued in 2012. According to New York Times however, it still exists in secret, investigating incidents like the one in the videos.