Why do people hate Superman

Batman v Superman: why do the heroes fight each other?

When two heroes quarrel, evil is happy: In "Batman v Superman" the two attack each other. But why actually?

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will start in German cinemas on March 24th and the majority of cineastes are wondering: Why the hell are two heroes fighting each other with billionaire Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Kryptonian Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) who are actually on the same page? Are Gotham City and Metropolis too small for the two oversized egos and, according to the "Highlander" motto, there can be "only one"? What's up with the beef?

With great power comes great potential for danger

First of all: if Mr. Wayne's ego is scratched, his quarrel with the overpowering Superman has nothing to do with it. Rather, he observes with great concern that the alien is viewed on earth as a kind of deity and that more and more fanatical followers are grouped around him. With his fight against Superman, he primarily wants to prove that there is nothing divine about the flying superhero. That's one of the reasons he asks Clark Kent aka Superman in the trailer: "Tell me, can you bleed? You will!"

Anyone who has seen the end of "Man of Steel" knows that some things can break even if the earth is saved. The conflict in "Batman v Superman" could eliminate one of the biggest criticisms of the previous film. Many Superman fans complained that their always shining hero in "Man of Steel" caused almost as much damage as his opponents. This point is taken up as an important question in the new film.

Because also Affleck's character in "Batman v Superman" worries that the superman doesn't have his power under control - especially since, as the trailer already revealed, he perceived the final battle of "Man of Steel" from the victim's perspective and saw Superman flatten entire streets made. One must prepare against such overwhelming odds should it ever decide to switch sides.

Lex Luther has a say in the matter

And then there's the real bad guy, cult bald head Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). Of course, the schemer has his fingers in the game and knows exactly how to play the two heroes off against each other. The fact that a "Justice League" flick is soon to come into the cinemas, however, suggests that Batman and Superman are still getting on.