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The weather in Australia


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To find out more about the weather in Australia, you first have to learn more about the different climates of the Australian continent. Here we explain to you what the seasons are in Australia and which different climatic zones there are in which area of ​​Australia. Of course, you will also find out what temperatures are in Australia and how warm or cold it can be in individual regions.

The weather in Australia: the seasons

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere of our planet, which is why the Australian seasons are opposite to the European ones. If summer is here, you will find winter in Australia, although you can often compare the temperatures in the Australian winter with those in the German summer.

The seasons in Australia

spring: Spring in Australia lasts from September to November.

summer: From December to February the weather in Australia is hot, the summer is mostly hot in all of Australia.

Autumn: The golden autumn in Australia lasts from March to May.

winter: From June to August it is winter time Down Under.

Nevertheless, you cannot generally determine which weather prevails where in Australia based on the seasons. Why that? The Australian continent is simply so big that there are different climatic zones here. And different climates mean that the weather in Australia can be completely different despite having the same seasons.

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The climate and weather in Australia

Contrary to what you probably always hear, Australia is not just the "hot continent". There are really hot regions here, but due to the size of the Australian continent there are a few other climatic zones in addition to the heat, where everyone gets their money's worth. The following climate zones exist in Australia:

  • Equatorial climate,
  • Tropical climate,
  • Subtropical climate,
  • Desert,
  • Meadow,
  • Temperate climate.

You will find several climate zones in every Australian state.

The weather in Australia - where is it hot and where is it cold?

The weather in Darwin and Northern Australia

Basically, it is the hottest and most tropical in the north of Australia (in the north of the states of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland). The weather in Darwin between November and April is characterized by numerous monsoons, high humidity (approx. 80%) and many cyclones - this is the so-called Rainy season. Even then, life in Darwin is not characterized by sadness - this rainy season is celebrated in Darwin because the water is simply important for nature and the fauna. Everything will be green during this time! Incidentally, there are also frequent thunderstorms in Darwin between October and December. The lightning is a uniquely beautiful natural spectacle that is an absolute attraction for many. The temperatures during this time are between 24-32 ° C and it is tropically warm due to the high humidity.

Between May and October the weather in Darwin is dry and the humidity also drops to around 65%. Then it is warm and dry here at around 20-32 ° C and life in Darwin mostly takes place outside. In the Australian winter it is relatively cold in Darwin, then the temperatures drop to around 20 ° C.

The weather in Alice Springs and the outback

Although the city is in the Northern Territory, the weather in Alice Springs is not tropical like Darwin, but rather hot, dry summers and cooler winters. In summer, the temperatures in Alice Springs can easily climb up to 40 ° C, while it can get chilly at night.

In all states with the exception of Tasmania, there is a desert zone inland - in Australia this is known as the outback. There is hardly any precipitation here and the days are very hot and dry - the desert. The big difference to the tropical zones is the drought here. This is why the hot weather in the outback can be tolerated quite well - the temperatures can easily rise to 50 ° C in summer, so you should be well prepared before the trip to the outback and take enough water with you. It rarely rains in the outback. In recent years, however, the weather in Australia has changed a bit. It was not until 2016 that a very unusual phenomenon was discovered: The huge salt lake Lake Eyre in the north of South Australia, which marks the lowest point in Australia, has partly flooded with water - in the middle of the outback!

The weather in Sydney

The further you get to the southern area of ​​Australia - this stretches across the continent from the southwest in Albany and Esperance to the south and southeast from Adelaide via Melbourne to Sydney, the climate becomes more and more moderate. Further south, the weather in Australia becomes more and more moderate. Sydney's climate is temperate and similar to the Mediterranean European seasons. The weather in Sydney is mostly sunny, the summer is nice and warm in Sydney between December and February and the temperature in Sydney averages 26 ° C. The winters are a bit cooler with an average temperature of around 17 ° C, which is actually quite pleasant for us, isn't it? In Sydney it actually only rains in autumn and winter.

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The weather in Melbourne and Victoria

The weather in Melbourne and Victoria is special, because different climatic conditions meet here. In the western part of Victoria there are the hotter dry areas such as the Grampians while the eastern area is colder. There can even be snow on Mount Buller in winter. Otherwise there are many temperate areas with eucalyptus forests.

And for this reason Melbourne is also a special weather in Australia. The Australians say that Melbourne has “4 Seasons a Day”, which translates as “4 seasons in one day”! Even though I got to know Melbourne as a great, sunny city with average summer temperatures of 26 ° C, the weather in Melbourne can change quickly and easily. So the onion look really makes sense here! There are also heat waves here, in which the temperatures in summer can sometimes climb up to 45 ° C.

The weather in Perth and Western Australia

In Perth and the surrounding area has a predominantly Mediterranean climate. You can assume that it can get very hot in summer, so heat waves are not uncommon. Quite often it can reach 40 ° C in Perth, but it also cools down in and around Perth in the afternoon. Then a wind comes in from the sea, the so-called Fremantle Doctor, which brings a cooling. My tip for you: If you plan a boat tour (e.g. to Rottest Island), it is best to plan it in the morning, as the sea can get pretty rough in the afternoon. In winter it is relatively uncomfortable in Perth (the houses are not as well insulated as ours), then it rains a lot and the temperatures drop to around 20 ° C.

The further south you go in Western Australia, the more moderate the weather here in Australia becomes. Southwest Australia I can recommend you especially in summer, because it is most beautiful here from December to February. (You can read my travelogue about our tour in Southwest Australia here.)

If you travel further north to Western Australia, the weather in Australia changes again in this part. At height Broome we come back to the tropical climate of Australia, where summer is a rainy season with hot temperatures around 33 ° C and high humidity. The winters, on the other hand, are dry and very mild with temperatures around 26-28 ° C.

The weather in Hobart and Tasmania

The "coldest" state is Tasmania, here is a temperate climate and you will find mild temperatures even in summer. In Tasmania you can feel the proximity to Antarctica quite clearly. So the weather in Australia is really shaped by different zones.

Temperatures in Australia - the weather in Australia

If you look at the weather in Australia, the temperature naturally also plays a role. In the following graphic you will find the annual mean of the daily maximum temperatures in Australia.

Here you can see the lowest temperatures in Australia as an annual mean. You will quickly see that this map contrasts with the map with the highest temperatures in Australia. I am often asked when is the best time to visit Australia

Rain in Australia - that's the weather in Australia

In addition to Tasmania, precipitation is very high, especially in the northern part of Australia. Because of the tropical weather in Australia, there are monsoon-like rain showers and many thunderstorms in the Australian summer. In the following graphic you will find an overview of the annual precipitation in Australia.

Snow in Australia - the weather in Australia

You may find it hard to believe, but in some parts of Australia, too, temperatures occasionally drop below freezing point. The result can also be snow. Where you have a chance of snow at all can be found in the following graphic. Here's a breakdown of where temperatures drop below 2 ° C in Australia.

The weather in Australia and the best time to travel

By evaluating the weather in Australia, you can also draw conclusions about the best travel time for Australia. Here you can find out more about the best travel times for each region in Australia.

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