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The hundredth question on the same topic ...
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Exercise instead of sitting in front of the computer and bothering us with stupid questions.
Marco Albrecht
While there is always a lot of controversy about this topic, I think health and diet are two mutually exclusive terms. You should simply change your eating habits to a balanced diet and then combine that with regular exercise. Then you will be able to reduce your weight in the long term and permanently.
Tyler Kaiser
Maybe the cabbage soup diet would be just right for you. You can eat as much soup as you want and it is also very rich in vitamins. Doing this for a few days every few weeks is a good healthy way to lose weight.
Anyone who is overweight previously consumed more calories than the body burned. Undoing that is not easy. Hunger cannot be avoided at first. In return, you gain the same degree of quality of life. Three meals a day and only as much as you can fit in one hand. You really don't need more.