How was your MICA interview experience

Interview preparation for JAVA engineers. Get real interview experience.


Tuition statistics and technical mechanics))) /

Nice day. I offer help in solving problems in statistics and technical mechanics. Statistics: - Sales laws - Testing of parametric and non-parametric hypotheses - Analysis of the results of the factorial experiment - Establishing correlation dependencies. - and others ... Technical mechanics: - statics - kinematics - dynamics - machine parts - theory of mechanisms and machines About me: Graduated professor in the department for mechanics of machines at the Technical University with 20 years of experience in teaching and research. Published 45 scientific and educational works, 4 patents for inventions. If you have any questions I will be happy to help.


Engineering course (drawing, materials, mechanics, thermodynamics, ...)

* Engineers: industrial design, material knowledge, material resistance, solid mechanics, statics and dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermals, thermodynamics, numerical analysis, discretization methods (FEM, BEM, ...), machine elements, electromechanics


Java for beginners / advanced / advanced users

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​for developers. If you're interested in a complete course, from the basics to the top, you've come to the right place. In this course you will learn everything from a programming language to create your first app.


Test methodology & test technology tutoring for students (Bachelor and Master)

Welcome! I have already completed my master's degree in mechanical engineering and am currently doing my doctorate. Tutoring is offered in ✔ experimental methodology ✔ experimental technology for students (Bachelor and Master). When contacting us, please tell us about the class / study / training and subject! During the online tutoring you can see my PC desktop as I explain the subject matter to you and handwrite the tasks chapter by chapter. At the end of the tutoring you will receive files with solutions or notes. I'm looking forward to your messages.


Computer science lessons with a focus on Python

I make my lessons dynamic and adapted to you. If you have any questions, homework, tutoring or projects that you want to realize, come to my course. You can attend my course, regardless of whether you are a beginner or are partially familiar with the subject. Classes will be held online due to the pandemic. Prices are negotiable.


Math tuition from computer science student for grades 5 to 13, also Abitur preparation, online or in Römerberg

Hello, I'm Christian, 21 years old and have been studying business informatics at DHBW Mannheim since October 2019. In March 2019 I finished my high school diploma in math, physics and geography at the PvD Gymnasium in Schifferstadt. I have already helped several students between grades 4 and 13 understand the material, which was also reflected in the results of the following class tests. Since I already have my Abitur in my pocket, I can give you valuable tips, my summaries and old exams for studying. I am happy if I can help you to get good grades and a better understanding of the material. Due to Corona, I currently prefer to offer online tutoring, but as soon as the numbers drop again, I would be happy to personally with you or with you / your child! Write to me if you are interested or have any questions :)


Mathematics, physics, engineering etc. and English

My name is Jonathan and I am studying my Masters in England, MEng in Automotive Engineering and I am happy to help with understanding the technical subjects. Through my studies abroad, I also gained very good knowledge of English. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Programming MATLAB Python C C ++ Arduino Raspberry Pi

Hello, I offer help with programming. Tutoring for tasks from Bachelor / Master / PhD is possible. Individual projects can also be processed. The tutoring is of high quality and reliable. I prefer the languages ​​MATLAB, Python, C and C ++ and have a lot of experience with image processing and embedded systems - electronics included. About me: I am an enthusiastic embedded hobbyist, studied computer science engineering and did my doctorate in applied physics. I am currently working in industry as a firmware developer. During my doctorate, I supervised numerous bachelor and master theses and led exercise groups. At the same time, I've been giving tutoring for over 15 years.


Tuition computer science (Python, C #, SQL, HTML, Javascript)

As a computer science student and employed developer, I am happy to help you around the topic of programming / computer science. Whether you need Python, C #, SQL, HTML, CSS etc. or simple topics from high school, I am your contact. I look forward to meeting you.


IT technologies

The use of computers to store, retrieve, send, and control data or information is known as information technology (IT). In contrast to personal or entertainment technology, IT is commonly used in the form of company activities. IT is a branch of ICT (information and communication technology).


Understanding and being able to use IT - IP networks - structure and communication

Get to know IP-based networks and understand how a website or video is transmitted over the Internet on your own PC and which paths it takes. You will learn the structure of IP networks and how they communicate. You will understand how your PC talks to other PCs over the Internet. You will learn which exciting techniques unconsciously accompany and take care of your everyday life.


Python Introduction - Individual complete course in Python

I am offering a complete Python course here. This course is intended as an introduction. Further offers will follow. In addition to my prepared topics, the content can also contain other individual topics. We can shape that completely freely. Up soon


Docker for developers from beginners to guru. A must that every developer should master!

Docker is an indispensable tool for every developer these days. It allows flexibility and speeds development. Whether you want to start learning containerization or take your knowledge to the next level, I can help you. Docker is a great tool for not only deploying software, but also playing around with different technologies and testing multiple releases without burdening your on-premises environment.


Scrum (IT and not IT) the agile development process not only for software developers.

You will learn how Scrum works, what distinguishes the agile approach from the classic approach and what changes you have to expect when you use Scrum. Know how Scrum works and how Scrum can be used. Prepare for the start of your first Scrum project. Ability to act as a Scrum Master for Scrum Teams and Stakeholders on the basis of a sound understanding of Servant Leadership. Improving the results of an existing Scrum project. Answering the question of whether Scrum is suitable for your organization. Overview of the exam providers including exam preparation.


Chinese / Mandarin, speaking, writing and professional communication

I am a native Chinese speaker who has studied and worked in the United States of America, Austria and Belgium. I am now a professional engineer who specializes in materials and structures. I offer private Chinese / Mandarin courses for all ages as well as bespoke Chinese classes for engineering, business, tourism, etc. Classes include speaking, grammar, writing, culture and professional communication and are tailored specifically to your level and needs.