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Darth Plagueis

“Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise that he could use the Force to influence the Midi-Chlorians to create life. He had such an immense knowledge of the dark side that he was even able to prevent the death of those who were close to him. "
- Palpatine via Darth Plagueis (Source)

Hego Damask was a Muun from the Damask tribe who was born and raised on Mygeeto. Due to his sensitivity to power, he was placed under the supervision and training of the Sith Lord Darth Tenebrous. Under the title Darth Plagueis Damask made extensive experiments to explore the possibility of eternal life. At the same time, he held a high public position as Magister of Damask Holdings, which helped him carry out the grand plan that would bring the Sith to rule the galaxy. After Plagueis killed his master, he found a student in Palpatine himself whose career as Senator from Naboo he wanted to use as an opportunity to rise to the top of the Galactic Republic, while for decades he supported almost every major galactic conflict, and indirectly those Clone Wars provoked. In 32 VSY, however, on the evening before Palpatine's election as Supreme Chancellor, he was murdered in his sleep by his student.

Biography [edit]

Birth and childhood

“You are of our blood, Hego, but we cannot raise you as our son any longer. In reality and in a way that you will only understand later, you belong to him. "
- Caar Damask hands over Hego Damask to Darth Tenebrous. (Source)

Hego Damask was born on the Mygeeto ice world. His tribal father Caar Damask had left his family in favor of his career to administer the resource-rich world as administrator on behalf of the Intergalactic Bankers Association. Ten years later he had married his assistant, a socially inferior Muun, as his codicifile wife, who was secretly to seduce Caar Damask and give birth to a descendant on behalf of the cult of the Sith Lord Darth Tenebrous Caar Damask. Even before he was born, Tenebrous, known to the public as the Bith ship developer Rugess Nome, and selected doctors confirmed his strength in power. After his birth, Caar named him after his former tribal father. However, his father's clan did not recognize him as a true successor, as he was merely the son of a codicil woman. His mother asked him to share his experiences and insights with her, as she also believed that he had inherited his parents' sensitivity to power. At the age of five, he realized he could manipulate his friends in his favor. He knew that the Muun were considered higher living beings, but realized that he was superior to other living beings in other ways. Although he used his abilities to further develop his abilities and qualities, he tried not to reveal anything to the outside world. However, he got one of his playmates to throw himself out of a window and told his mother about it. She forbade him to speak to anyone except his parents and told him about his abilities. As a result of the events, his comrades turned away from him, so that he could spend more time with his parents. His father's visitors to Mygeeto included members of the Jedi Order from whom he was able to shield his abilities. Although he realized that they had the same skills as him, he knew from their first meeting that he would never be one of them. He also made the acquaintance of Rugess Nome, who Hego believed his mother was the reason for his visits. When the Bith stayed, Caar Damask called his son and handed him over to Darth Tenebrous, who gave him the name Darth Plagueis. In return, he gave Caar Damask a higher position in the banking association, while Hego's mother disappeared without a trace. After the death of his father, who gave Hego advice for his later life on his deathbed, the tribe discovered that there was a fatal genetic defect in the family. The members then sought out the best genetic engineers in the galaxy to fix the bug while trying to exclude Hego Damask from the family. However, he had secretly hired the technicians, so that the family died soon afterwards and their inheritance passed into his possession.[1]

Training to become a Sith

“It is your destiny to ring in the hour of the Sith, Plagueis. It's up to you to bring the Jedi Order to its knees and save the rest of the living beings in the galaxy from themselves. "
- Darth Tenebrous to Plagueis (Source)

In the course of his training, Darth Plagueis spent a long time on numerous technologically backward planets and moons and traveled in an official capacity as Nomes' assistant. Tenebrous ’network of agents and informants allowed him to exert his influence across the galaxy. The Bith showed his pupil the world of Kamino, known for its cloning technology, which the Muun visited regularly from then on.[1] His greatest weakness, however, was the fear of death, which was what made Tenebrous choose him.[2] As Muun, he had a weakness for wanting to make the greatest possible profit from everything,[2] saw power as an investment.[1] Earlier Sith had worked for themselves in an economically advantageous but nonetheless covered position, while Damask as a representative of the banking association[3] and Masters Degree from Damask Holdings[1] exerted great influence in the economy.[3] To do this, he spent most of the time on Mygeeto, but held an annual meeting of his business partners on the Sojourn moon under the supervision of his solar vigils.[1]

Plagueis ’training spanned over a lifetime, and Tenebrous never missed an opportunity to criticize his student. He believed that the muun was not meant to come into his inheritance.[1] He pursued the plan to manipulate Plagueis in such a way that he experimented with the nature of the Midi-Chlorians and not focused on the field of insight. However, he underestimated the potential of his student and neglected to deal with this,[2] while he was secretly looking for another student. About a century earlier, Tenebrous ’Twi'lek masters had opened a hole in power to make the dark side palpable again. This event marked the beginning of the Grand Plan that would restore the Sith to control of the galaxy. Tenebrous and Plagueis made extensive considerations as to how they would achieve their victory. However, based on his experience, Damask believed that they could not plan their success because the future was unpredictable. He suspected that he would soon be able to replace his master in order to enforce his ideas. Plagueis ’first mission was around the 25th year of his training and was to offer Kerred Santhe of the Santhe Society special rights to one of his master’s ships. Santhe stole the new ship and successfully produced it, but elevated Tenebrous ’partner Narro Sienar to the role of chief developer. At a conference on Corulag that Damask was able to attend as a Master of Damask Holdings, he strangled Santhe with power. He was able to hide the real reason for his death under the poisonous puffed eel served as a main course if it was improperly prepared. With Damask Holdings he was also involved in establishing the administration of the Republican Reserve and co-financed the resettlement act.[1]

Experiments [edit]

“My ultimate goal is the secret of life - the life that gives us consciousness, because without consciousness we are all nothing. Through science, I will create new life and extend mine. There is no reason why Darth Plagueis shouldn't live forever. "
- Darth Plagueis im Book of the Sith(Source)

In the north tower of his estate on the island of Aborah on Muunilinst, Plagueis collected the writings of power-based orders. Under the facility, he built an area for experiments with power[1] and the science of creating life. He started on the basis that power created all life, since midi-chlorians were in all cells of every living being. In contrast to many scientists who only saw power as a myth, and the power users who were opposed to biology, Plagueis revolutionized the understanding that one could combine the two teachings. He tried to ignore the mystical background of Sith alchemy in order to use the true power of the Sith. Thus, he was able to overcome the obstacles of the ancient Sith to answer the basic questions in the understanding of power. His goal was to find the secret of life so that he could create new life and maintain his own. Plagueis classified everything that drew his energy from power into three categories, which he even placed above the midi-chlorians: the formative aperion, the life-giving anima and the expressive pneuma. He found that midi-chlorians existed in all living things.[3] Although blood transfusions from beings who were strong in power made him stronger for a short time, it did not have any lasting effects. However, he hoped to extend his life by replacing old cells with new ones.[1] He concluded that midi-chlorians could be controlled. Plagueis therefore believed that he could create life at the molecular level and bring about a virgin birth. In experiments with hundreds of identical humanoids, however, many of his test objects died without his being able to achieve clear results. He therefore left it for the time being that this idea existed in theory. However, he also stated that the secrets of immortality could only be shown to a few so that civilization was not endangered. In his Great Plan, he wanted to bring eternal life to those who advanced his goals. He also believed that he would no longer have any time constraints. But he wondered what role consciousness played in this. He noted his new discoveries about power in a diary. He also looked for the possibility of deceiving death in order to gain eternal life. He hoped to find answers to this question from the Sith spirits on Korriban. The Sith Lord looked unsuccessfully in the grave of Hakagram Graush and at the throne of Sorzus Syn, so he went to the valley of the Dark Lords. There he was confronted with a vision of the former Sith Lord Marka Ragnos, which attacked him but did not help with his research. He was, however, amused by the idea of ​​facing his former master Darth Tenebrous. He also noted in his diary that he was making use of the Jedi legends of Mortis and the Chosen One.[3] With the help of the holocron from Darth Andeddu, which he was able to obtain, he came into possession of the abilities of essence transmission. Otherwise he looked unsuccessfully for the possibility of copying the special skills of his predecessors.[1]

Death of Darth Tenebrous

Plagueis: “Yes, master, your death is on my account. You have said yourself that goal-oriented persistence is the key to victory, and it really is. Travel to the grave knowing that you are the last of the old order, the much vaunted rule of two, and that the new order is now beginning and will be under my control for a thousand years. "
Tenebrous: “Then this is the last time I will call you student. And I applaud how skillfully you used surprise and deception to achieve your goal. Maybe it was wrong of me to think that you don't have what it takes. "
Plagueis: “The Dark Side guided me, Tenebrous. You felt that, but your lack of trust in me clouded your thinking. "
- Darth Plagueis and Tenebrous (Source)
Tenebrous and Plagueis, masters and students

In 67 VSY, Tenebrous and Plagueis traveled to Bal’demnic to investigate the occurrence of the rare metal cortosis, whose resistance to lightsabers should give the Sith an advantage against the Jedi. Tenebrous ’contacts had enabled him to find out about the minerals before the Jedi. However, Plaguei's power had revealed the day before that his moment had come and he should now act to fill his role in the dark side. Wearing special environmental suits, they entered a cave whose metals had been exposed by a seismic event. When the second sample was taken, the Em-Zwo unit encountered a high level of the explosive gas lethane, but could no longer be switched off. The two Sith then returned through the grotto to their ship, as the action of the droid would cause the cave to explode. However, they were caught in the explosion before they could leave the building. Although Tenebrous could create a power shield to stop the rocks above his body, Plagueis saw the opportunity at the right time to kill his master. He used the Force to drop the rocks onto the Bith to make it appear as if the falling rocks were caused by a natural cause. He went to his master's side and learned that the droid had been provided by the Subtext Mining company on which Plagueis was seeking revenge. However, Tenebrous had seen through his student's plan and tried to destroy Plagueis ’suit. The muun repelled the dying man's attack and revealed his intentions to him. He announced that with his rise, the Sith order would flourish again. Tenebrous initially believed that he had actually underestimated his student until he learned that Plagueis had also destroyed the ship in the explosion and thus risked the future of the Sith. However, the Muun was certain that it could escape from there and broke the Bith's neck.[1] With the help of the Maxi-Chlorians, Tenebrous ’consciousness remained so that he could enjoy his long-awaited death. As he expected, Plagueis experimented on the dying body with the midi-chlorians,[2] to extend the life of his master and so finally to be able to influence the microscopic life forms. As he did so, he wondered what effect his step in his master's position would have on him.[1] Tenebrous was his biggest victim to date, so the muun tried to record every detail of the death. At the same time, the mind of Bith penetrated his student's mind and realized that he had completely underestimated Plagueis' potential. He regretted that he had not further promoted his student's talents during his training. When he assumed his ability to see into the future, he foresaw Plagueis ’death at his own disciple. In doing so, he destroyed Plagueis ’power view, whereupon Tenebrous tried to repair the damage again. At the same time, his consciousness slipped out of Plagueis ’body and was forced to feel his death forever.[2]

After the Muun had carried out experiments at the side of his master for a long time, he discovered that he himself had carried away wounds on his back, which he first had to take care of. Since the ship had also been badly damaged by the collapse of the cave, Plagueis had to reach the next settlement on foot in order to leave Bal’demnic again. On his way he thought about the change of the planet, but had to use the Force to adapt his body functions to the fast pace. As he did so, he sensed a presence in the Force, which he could not trace back. After a journey of several hours he reached a spaceport and after a long search found it lamentation from Captain Ellin Lah, who met his standards to get to Muunilinst and was supposed to leave the next morning. Despite the low temperature, the muun was able to manually move two of its three hearts to keep its blood circulation at normal levels. Plagueis hid on a container in cargo bay 4 and waited there until the crew came across him. At first he answered the crew's questions politely, but did not reveal anything about the reason for his stay on Bal’demnic. Instead, he asked the captain for a personal interview in order to make an appointment regarding his company. He asked him for a flight to Muunilinst and gave the captain the opportunity to discuss his offer with the crew. However, they decided not to make the deal, so Plagueis killed the crew starting with Lah. Although the crew resisted, Plagueis gave them no chance with his lightsaber. He also observed the development of the midi-chlorians among the members, which, however, could not be compared with the experience with Tenebrous. The only thing he didn't destroy was the droid 11-4D so that he could take care of his wounds and bring him to Muunilinst.Upon his arrival on a space station, he was received by two members of the banking association who he ordered to destroy the ship down to the droid while they were to get him a new ship to Muunilinst.[1]

Tenebrous ’legacy

"My mentor taught me all about power, even about the hidden nature of the dark side."
- Palpatine (Source)

At his arrival, Damask was received by his aide, Marsh Hill, and informed him without going into his true intentions. Tonith, a representative of the banking association, also reported to him about the Senate's decision to set up additional free trade zones in the Outer Rim. Damask went to his retreat on Aborah and demonstrated his facility to 11-4D as the droid was supposed to assist him with his work. Plagueis examined his blood but found no changes despite the recent events. After that, he was already preparing for his trip to the moon Sojourn, where several business partners met with Damask every year. At his personal request, Hill also invited two members of Subtext Mining who were responsible for the faulty mine droid. His first meeting was with Gardulla, who had problems with the Desilijic clan. She asked him for money to gain power on Tatooine in exchange for participating in a podium race. He then met with Qayhuk, a representative of the Yinchorri, to secretly arrange for an army to be built. The next partner was the GranPax Teem, who should guarantee him the fuel reserves of Malastare. However, he refused, since Damask had made the trade federation heard, and left the Muun again. Even so, Plagueis knew that if they did not follow it, they would lose their market of podiums. The next business partners were the representatives of Subtext Mining, whom he threatened with his guards. They then told him that the planet Naboo held special plasma supplies. The promotion should generate a high profit for Damask Holdings. Nevertheless, Plagueis had the two representatives captured and taken away.[1]

During the night he learned from his guards that there was a burglar in his facility. He identified himself as Darth Venamis and, like Plagueis, had been trained by Tenebrous. Since he had not felt the death of his master, he believed that he had to kill the Muun. In a duel, Damask defeated the Bith, who then made himself available to him as a student. However, the Sith Lord gave him a poisonous plant to watch his death. The analysis brought him new knowledge and he began to believe that Venamis was Tenebrous ’most precious gift to him. Meanwhile he tried to track down the people Venamis had considered as a student. His first candidate was at the Collider Casino in Lianna City, where the manager led him into the security room. Plagueis told him about a possible player who used power to force his win. When he achieved another victory, the Sith Lord asked to be allowed to take care of the person whom he had exposed as Shi'ido. He chased him through the city streets and caught him when he had already transferred the money to Kerred Santhe. However, the muun let him go and went to Sy Myrth, where he left the droid behind, before continuing to Saleucami. There he killed an Iktotchi who was in the circle of the elect with the help of lightning bolts, and then went with 11-4D to Bedlam, where the third candidate, the Nautolan Naat Lare, was supposed to stay in a sanatorium. However, he learned there that he had managed to escape two months earlier. They followed his trail to Abraxin, where he had murdered a barabel. However, he found there that the Jedi Ni-Cada and Lo Bukk had been sent there to investigate the murder. Nevertheless, he spoke to the two Jedi and pretended to inspect Abraxin as a possible location for a branch of the Bank of Aargau. Even so, he opened up in power and called the Nautolan over to him. To prove himself worthy, he was supposed to kill the Jedi, but died fighting his opponents.[1]

Search for a student [edit]

Plagueis: "You think I'm a monster."
Palpatine: "You underestimate me, Magister."
- Darth Plagueis and Palpatine (Source)

Upon his return, Damask attended a conference with Ars Veruna, a representative of Naboo's King Bon Tapalo. Damask's agents had offered to assist him in the upcoming election of the king if they were awarded the plasma extraction. However, they learned that the young nobleman Palpatine was disclosing information to the public that could jeopardize Plagueis ’plans. Then he found out about the boy. Damask went himself to Naboo, where he was received by his hosts. Although Tapalo initially stated that he did not want to enter into the deal, Veruna convinced him of the need for Damask Holdings to intervene, leading Plagueis to see him as a coming king. In the evening he went to the building complex of the youth program of the legislature and asked about Palpatine, who recognized the Muun. The Sith Lord asked him about his future plans and learned about the conflicts in his family, as the young nobleman did not agree with the opinion of his father Cosinga. He convinced him to leak information to Damask Holdings about his father's political group plans. Then Palpatine invited him to take a ride on a glider that Plagueis had given him beforehand. On the drive, he tried to find out more about Palpatine's relationship with his father, suspecting that he was power sensitive.[1] In fact, the young nobleman had already dealt with Sith artifacts.[3] Plagueis hoped that Palpatine would turn to him in hopes of bringing his family back to power.[1]

Darth Sidious practices under Plagueis.

Two days later he went to Malastare to meet Pax Teem at the Phoebos Memorial Race. However, he again refused to comply with Damask Holdings' demands and threatened the Muun. So Plagueis returned to Naboo with his representatives and ordered the captured members of Subtext Mining to be killed and their bodies sent to the company's headquarters. Although a month had passed since his visit, he had kept in touch with Palpatine through a hologram. Upon his arrival, a glider took him to the family estate, where he started a conversation with Cosinga, who said that Naboo could not be ruled by Tapalo. He wanted to bring trade with the Muuns to a standstill in order to prevent his ascent. Since Damask refused to respond, Palpatine threatened him and asked him to leave Naboo. He also stopped allowing him to have contact with his son. So it came about that Cosinga's plans became a reality and the banking association lost influence. During a stay of the youth program on Chandrila in the year 65 VSY, Plagueis met the young Naboo again, who asked him to help him with his father, since he had taken control of his life. During a conversation Plagueis found out that it was Palpatine's wish to rule, so he told him the story of how he had brought about the death of his family, so that the young Naboo killed his family shortly afterwards. Plagueis, who was busy with Venamis ’body, felt the event in power and was contacted shortly afterwards by Palpatine. The Sith Lord therefore arranged for a secret return to Chandrila and forbade him to speak about the event. A week later he was traveling with the Quantum Collosuswhere he had found a cabin for the nobleman. Although the young man felt betrayed, Plagueis challenged him to set free his true nature and choose between his options. He told him about the order of the Sith Lords, so that Palpatine agreed after initial hesitation and Plagueis gave him the name "Sidious". His first lesson took place on Mygeeto, where he urged his student to repeat the death of his family in order to increase his strength in the dark side. He deprived him of any food or sleep for days to keep him going.[1] Darth Plagueis mediated his pupil for decades[4] the different avenues of power.[5] Right from the start of the training[1] he asked Sidious to reveal his strengths, fears, love and desires to him, so that he knew how to push him to his limits. The Muun taught him that he first had to have power over himself before he could transfer it to others and let it grow until he was in control of the galaxy.[6] While Sidious learned the secret ways of the order, he pursued the public career as a politician for their goals. He could refer to Damask, whose power the Naboo royal family was well aware of. The Muun himself began to study different living things in his experiments in order to test different techniques. He was approached by Mage, the leader of the Order of the Inclined Circle, to join the cult. Although he declined the offer, he kept in contact with him and invited some of his members to the meetings in Sojourn.[1] In an attempt to create eternal life, Darth Plagueis experimented on smaller creatures. After initial problems, he bought slaves from the Hutts to get the Midi-Chlorians to break their usual cycle. He found out that the small living beings did not die in this way, but used the supporting force energy to cause tissue decay, severe aging and diseases to the person.[3]

The grand plan

"We need new leadership."
- Darth Plagueis (Source)

In 54 VSY, Darth Sidious's eleventh year of training, they conducted a hunt in which they killed wild animals, such as Buoyant. On Hypori, the two Sith Lords competed against a group of 200 battle droids, where Plagueis wanted to teach his student to recognize the weaknesses of a weapon. Although Sidious wanted to learn more about the Dark Side, Plagueis thought patience was important before teaching him the most important lessons of the Sith. On Kursid they had all the warriors gathered to execute them and to discuss the sovereignty of the dark side. At the same time he experimented with the Yinchorri, for whom he had won a seat in the Senate, and developed a power bubble that fascinated him even more than his findings with the Ysalamiri. He also reflected on the past of power and hoped to play an important role in the future. He also gathered a number of companies on Sojourn to persuade them to build an army. At the same time, he promised Sidious a place in the Senate, using the suffering of the external systems to overthrow the Republic, while in return he replaced his puppets in the Senate. At the end of the plan, the Jedi would be wiped out and Sidious made Chancellor, while Plagueis would be his deputy. Sidious even referred to Plagueis as "the wise" for this plan. He then reported on his first mission and suggested killing Vidar Kim publicly to enable Palpatine to become Naboo's senator. At the same time, Plagueis wanted to destroy Palpatine's only relationship. He advised his student to gain the trust of his son Ronhar in order to be accepted by the Jedi. That should help him take on his new role as Senator from Naboo.[1]

Plagueis in the fight against the assassins

Meanwhile, Plagueis went to Kamino to commission the clone production of a Yinchorri. The Kaminoans advised him against it because of his characteristics, but when he revealed the purpose that they should serve as an army, the clones showed themselves ready and made a bargain to support their breeding and training for the fight against the Jedi. Then he went to a conference on the moon Serenno, who was ruled by GrafVemec. In addition to political representatives of the system and the members of Damask Holdings, the Jedi Jocasta Nu, Sifo-Dyas, Qui-Gon Jinn and Dooku, who himself came from Serenno and was the reason that Damask himself attended the meeting. He felt a conflict in the Jedi Master who turned away not only from the Senate but also from the Order. When the trade meeting was interrupted, he approached Dooku, Sifo-Dyas and Jinn and engaged them in a conversation about trade relations in the outer territories and the role of the Jedi in it. In doing so, he realized that Sifo-Dyas was perhaps even more suitable for his purposes. He also realized that he had better develop an army to fight with the Jedi that would be suitable against them at the right moment. Although he wanted to bring it up to Sifo-Dyas, he had to drop the subject when Jocasta Nu joined them. Soon after, he attended a private Palpatine event in Republica 500 to continue the conversation on Serenno. Palpatine's political stance quickly gained importance in the Senate and thus advanced the Grand Plan. He accepted Larsh Hill into the circle at a Tilted Circle initiation rite. He perceived a danger, whereupon the followers identified themselves as Maladians who had been commissioned by Pax Teem. While the other Muun fell victim to the attack by the assassins, Plagueis tried to use force to stop his injuries. Believing that Sidious had now turned the Maladians on him after the attack on Vidar Kim, he tried to use force to defend himself against the attack. After killing most of the assassins, Sidious came to his aid and took him away, fearing that the Jedi would soon discover the massacre too. Sidious then killed the Gran.[1]

In the course of his training, Plagueis gave his student access to Sith holocrons, in which the knowledge of long-dead Sith lords was stored.[6] The Muun gave him the knowledge from the archives of the Sith and made it possible for him to absorb the ancient teachings of the Sith.[3] Meanwhile, Plagueis learned to look so deeply inward that he could understand and master life itself and thus also death.[7] With his power and his special knowledge of the dark side,[8] reinforced by his obsession with an after-body existence[9] and of eternal life,[10] In the end, he could even use the Force to influence the Midi-Chlorians to create life.[8] He discovered that it was possible[11] in direct meditation[1] to merge with the power while holding on to one's individual consciousness. This is an important achievement for him, as he was not interested in the non-material world.[11] For these unnatural ways[5] he made use of hidden records from previous Siths.[12] He even made attempts to create life out of nothing in order to obtain the embodiment of power.[10] He was also able to prevent the death of loved ones in this way, although he was unable to manipulate his own death. After his ascent, his only fear was that he would lose his power again.[8] In doing so, he developed the idea that his studies were contrary to the will of power and concluded that power would take revenge on him in an indefinite way if he further explored its secrets. Together with Sidious, he succeeded in meditating together to unbalance power and strengthen the dark side. With this shock of force, they limited the Jedi's ability to see into the future. In the same year, Anakin Skywalker was born, who, according to a Jedi prophecy, was the chosen one to bring the power into balance. Plagueis believed that the boy had been sent by power to restore the balance that had been destroyed by himself in his studies and experiments. He therefore viewed both the birth and the onslaught of the Maladians as a counterstrike to the force that he himself had provoked. Although he feared losing his power in this way, he continued his research.[1]

Withdrawal from the public

"It is the will of the dark side that we finally reveal ourselves."
- Darth Plagueis (Source)

Although rumors surfaced that Damask died in the assassination, he returned to Aborah and continued his experiments with increasing success. A month later he called Sidious to show him Venamis and his research. He congratulated his student on his development and told him about the possibility of creating life through power. Believing war was inevitable, he wanted to quit his company and pursue the Sith endeavors. Larsh Hill's son San was supposed to take over the business of the banking association under Plagueis ’supervision and work to incite the external systems to fight the core. In the end, the two Sith should assume an infinite rule.Sidious still saw dangers for the plan, but told Plagueis about the ZabrakMaul he had found on Dathomir and brought to Mustafar for training. Plagueis then gave him his advice on the boy's education and ordered him to be taken to the Orsis Academy. He then retired to Sojourn and broke off his contacts with the outside world while continuing his experiments. Even with his student, he only talked about a hologram and made sure that both of them advanced the Grand Plan separately from one another. Thus, they triggered the Yinchorri Crisis and the Stark Hyperspace War. In 34 VSY, Plagueis called Sidious there to congratulate him on Maul's progress. He suggested that he initiate the plan and bring Viceroy Nute Gunray to the head of the trade federation and shake the relations of rule on Naboo. However, Sidious still expressed doubts, but Plagueis saw her position as too advantageous to deviate from her plan now. In the course of his further experiments, he even let Venamis die to honor the rise of the dark side. At the same time he noticed that his body was regenerating.[1] Although Plagueis despised the religion of the Sith, he was interested in the legend of the Sith’ari, a chosen Sith, in whose myth he saw an opportunity for real power that could arise through his experiments. Since he saw himself in a position to initiate the rule of the Sith, he believed that one day he would be able to ascend the throne of the Sith’ari himself.[3]

Shortly afterwards he received a visit from Jabba Desilijic Tiure, a Hutt crime lord, accompanied by his confidante, whom he had last seen years before. He announced that he wanted to take control of Tatooine and asked Plagueis not to help Gardulla any more, while in return he gave him information about Komari Vosa, the new master of the Bando Gora. Sidious was able to use this to get Dooku to leave the Jedi Order. At the same time, he hoped to resolve the crisis on Naboo by advocating the installation of the young Padmé Amidala in his favor. To prepare for the change, he had all his data on Sojourn erased and went to Coruscant to soon take on his role as Deputy Chancellor. After leaving the Hunter's Moon, Veruna, Gardulla and the Black Sun attempted to destroy his property with a nuclear weapon, whereupon he ordered action to be taken against Veruna and the Black Sun, as Jabba wanted to take care of Gardulla. Hego Damask moved into his property, the Kaldani Spiers, where his pupil was already waiting for him. After discussing their plan to overthrow the Chancellor and the Black Sun, Plagueis went to Naboo to seek revenge for the attack on his life and to kill Veruna after telling him about the Sith. Based on this, he had Baktoid Armor moved to Geonosis to support his war preparations and instructed Maul to kill the fugitive Neimoidian Hath Monchar. Then he gave the order to block Naboo.[1]

Almost at the end

“He became incredibly powerful. The only thing he was still afraid of was losing his power, which of course eventually happened. Unfortunately, he had taught his student everything he knew. Shortly afterwards he was murdered in his sleep by his student. What an irony. He could save others from death, but he couldn't save himself. "
- Palpatine via Plagueis (Source)

At a meeting of various trading partners, Plagueis approached Sifo-Dyas again to give him reports on the violations of the trade federation and thus to escalate the situation on Naboo. He also convinced him to find a donor to secretly breed a clone army for the Republic. At the same time, he revived his public life to get in touch with his partners and make sure that the plans on Naboo also fulfilled his other goals. However, he observed that Sidious regarded Maul as his student, so that he realized that they would soon no longer be together. At the same time he learned that Qui-Gon Jinn had met the boy Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine, who was particularly strong in power and, according to the Jedi Master, could be the chosen one who, according to a prophecy, would bring the power into balance. However, he did not find him on Coruscant, so he returned to the Senate and attended the meeting when the candidates for the Chancellery were nominated after the motion of censure against Finis Valorum. At the same time, he worried that Qui-Gon Jinn was the key to his success, as he was supposed to kill Maul in the course of the invasion. Nevertheless, he made sure again whether his plans were successful.[1] During his mission to Naboo, Darth Maul learned from Maris Magneta, the head of the Naboo's security forces, that Veruna had been murdered by Damask and Palpatine in order to use Padmé Amidala as her puppet. She also blamed them for the invasion, as Damask was involved in the marketing of the plasma and Palpatine’s election campaign as Supreme Chancellor. Maul didn't know anything about Sidious ’master, but believed the information, so that he came to the conclusion that his master even betrayed the rule of two because of him.[13]

Palpatine and Damask went to Romeo Treblanc's box in the Galactic Opera House to get public attention again. Then they went to Damask's apartment to toast their upcoming success and the final stages of the grand plan. Palpatine delivered the speech in which he wanted to declare Damask to be his deputy the next day. As the senator left the property, he realized that Plagueis was unprotected. He suspected that his Master was trying to challenge him and returned to the apartment.[1] Plagueis ’obsession with the nature of power blinded him to the real dangers[12] so that he never had the slightest suspicion against his pupil[14] and had gone to sleep believing he was almost immortal.[1] Since he gave his student all of his secrets[4] and conveyed all his knowledge[7] and had passed on[8] Sidious realized that the characteristics of the Sith were only used as a means of distinguishing oneself from ordinary morality.[6] He realized that his Master's intentions to create life out of nothing should be the embodiment of power and replace him.[10] Because he understood this teaching[6] and knew how to defeat his master[5] he acted accordingly and killed his master[6] according to the customs of the Sith[5] while sleeping,[8] by hurling lightning bolts at his master. He continued his speech by listing his Master's mistakes. The Muun was still able to get up, but slumped back and overheard Palpatine telling him that he had worked against him from the beginning and that he had taken advantage of Plagueis ’work for himself.[1]


"Deceiving death is a power that only one has acquired."
- Sidious to Vader (Source)
Palpatine after Darth Plagueis ’death.

After his murder, Sidious wondered whether his master had betrayed him, as he feared that he had not passed on certain findings of his research. He turned the body to see that the decomposition process had already begun and that the muun was really dead. He was satisfied that Plagueis could no longer use his knowledge of the Midi-Chlorians to prevent his death. The next day, Palpatine was elected Chancellor.[1] Since Darth Maul died on Naboo, Palpatine developed as Chancellor a mentor role to the growing Jedi Anakin Skywalker, in order to pull him to the dark side at the given moment. Although he accepted the Count of Serenno, Dooku, as Darth Tyranus as his apprentice, he knew that only with Skywalker's help would he achieve his goal.[10]

In the rarely told tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise[15] he passed on the story of how the Sith Lord had acquired the ability to create life and prevent death.[8] In 19 VSY, Sidious told the legend to the Jedi Knight at the Opera House that Skywalker had foreseen the death of his wife Padmé in a vision. The story told of the Sith Lord's unique ability to create and manipulate life. Though he saw an irony in the fact that he just couldn't protect his own life,[8] Skywalker saw the story as a tragedy only for Plagueis, as his student had become the most powerful Sith of all time. The Chancellor hoped to draw him to the dark side in order to achieve his goal, as he made it clear that a Jedi could never learn such a skill.[8] However, Skywalker saw Plagueis ’ability to be the only way to save his wife[16] and tried to find out more about the Sith Lord.[7] Shortly afterwards, the Chancellor revealed to him that he was the Sith Lord the Jedi had been looking for.[8] He explained to the Jedi Knight that Plagueis was not a legend, but had really lived and that Sidious had passed on his knowledge before his death.[7] Although the Jedi did not trust him and viewed him as a traitor for having deceived him since they first met, he eventually decided to join Sidious to save his wife from her death.[8]

Sidious remembered Plagueis ’teachings for a long time, despite further questioning the teachings of the Sith in order to expand his power.[6] However, Sidious kept a low profile about his former master and told both Tyranus[17] as well as Vader only hints about his obsession with the continued existence of the ego.[9] Sidious did not share the enthusiasm for research into the core of power, but was interested in its results, as he did not understand the actual work of the muun.[3] When Sidious Plagueis' took place as Master, he found his notes and studied the Muun's thoughts. As he acquired his knowledge, he made comments in the margins of the scriptures. After the Jedi Order was overthrown, Sidious got the last of the documents he needed for his collection. He took it in Book of the Sith together.[3] However, the Emperor's attempts to achieve Plagueis ’teachings on creating life and preventing death through power failed, so he commissioned cloning projects.[10] His Shi’ido scientists were able to create some mutants with Plagueis ’notes. Sidious even believed that if he continued to pursue his teachings, he would have found the way out through Plagueis' teachings to transform his life into a clone body to live forever.[3]

Some members of the Apex Society believed that their leader, Collan Eislo, was led by Sith spirits such as Revan and Plagueis.[18] Than Book of the Sith came into the possession of Luke Skywalker, the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order, he suspected that Plagueis ’writings were from around 45 VSY. He also noted that he could not accurately estimate the date of his death and knew nothing about how Palpatine became his student.[3] The Historical Council of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances referenced in the New Essential Chronology on Darth Plagueis. However, the origins of the relationship between Plagueis and Sidious were still unknown at the time. The council suspected at the time that the Sith Lord had been involved in the creation of Anakin Skywalker because he had no natural father.[10]Tionne Solusar, a Jedi of the New Order, mentioned Plagueis in her Guide to Power, which she wrote in the year 40 NSY, and included an illustration showing him and his student during his training. She interpreted the lack of information about him to mean that Sidious had destroyed most of the information about him.[19] Darth Plagueis became part of the legend of Tag Greenly and Bink Otauna, after which he created them during his experiments.[20][21]

Personality and skills

"The power of the dark side is a disease no true Sith would ever want to be cured of."
- Darth Plagueis (Source)

Darth Plagueis was considered one of the most brilliant Sith who was only interested in power and set himself the goal of wiping out the Jedi and dominating the galaxy. However, he got caught up in jealousy and greed and kept his thoughts to himself, even though he tried not to appear naive and to avoid pain and fear. At the same time, he did not allow uncertainty and did not hesitate to do everything possible to protect his interests, his species and his life.[1] As Muun, he tried to make the greatest possible profit from every thing,[2] and also saw power as an investment. He believed the future was unpredictable and only played when he was sure of victory. As a banker, however, he also knew how to manipulate his partners with his words, as he had already learned from his playmates in his childhood. It was then that he had learned to use intentions and body language to his advantage. When the time for his master's death came, he wanted to bring the rule of the Sith to maturity by building a new, everlasting order, as he considered the rule of two to be out of date and worried about the future of the Sith . Even so, he believed the ways of the Sith were the only true ones and believed the Dark Side to be a disease that a Sith would not want to be cured of. Plagueis took an interest in the unusual and learned various languages ​​including Basic, Muun, Bith and Naboo.[1]

Darth Sidious kneels in front of Plagueis.