What are the weak points of a girl

Opinion of the LAG girls * and young women * on the current situation

The Corona Virus has ushered in a time of ignorance. Nobody knows how this pandemic will play out and what consequences we will have to deal with in the end. Instead, we are forced to be present and confronted with the breaks and weak points (privatization of hospitals, inadequate and underpaid social and nursing staff, etc.) in our society.

Despite this uncertainty, it is important to stay in contact with one another and think about what is central now and what we want to learn from the situation for our future coexistence.

As the state working group for girls * and young women * in Saxony e.V., we would like to take a position on the current situation.

In Saxony, too, there are currently restrictions on public and social life. Physical distance and hygiene measures are important and correct if we want to protect risk groups and prevent overloading of the health system. That much is clear. But we should also bear in mind that not all people can keep their distance, e.g. homeless people, refugees in collective accommodation within Germany or in the refugee camp Moria on Lesbos in Greece. For many people, social distance can also be associated with other dangers, e.g. with psychological problems such as depression.

Therefore, from a racism-critical and gender-specific point of view, we demand:

1) Empowerment rooms for girls * and young women * of color & empowerment-oriented reflection rooms for specialists of color in social work

As an association that works for girls * and young women *, it is very important to us to support women * positioned people who are affected by various forms of discrimination - both facility visitors and teachers.
However, these empowerment structures are now being eliminated:

  • hardly any access to advice centers or youth facilities, alone with fears and challenges
  • hardly any access to empowerment dreams and a lack of exchange with peers and friends
  • limited access to exchange and information on the current situation
  • Disadvantage in the education sector due to limited access to knowledge and resources, especially when girls * and young women * lack the technical prerequisites and parents' support in homeschooling


These challenges will also need to be overcome during the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Even or especially in times of Corona, social inequality and the disadvantage of certain people are reproduced and intensified. Marginalized groups of people such as the self-employed, artists, sex workers and migrants without residence status and the respective households and families are particularly affected here.

We demand adequate financial resources for all households and families in order to create the conditions so that everyone can participate in social life and learning!

2) Maintaining and expanding funding for counseling services and protection facilities for those affected by (domestic) violence

In 2018, according to BKA statistics, a total of 140,755 people in Germany were victims of attempted and accomplished domestic violence, 81.3% of whom are women *. Several times an hour, a woman * is dangerously physically injured by her partner *. Every 3rd day a woman * is killed by her (ex) partner *, in 2018 there were 122 women *. (see press release bfmsfj)


Home is not a safe place for everyone. The corresponding contact points were already overloaded before Corona. We demand the maintenance and expansion of support offers and shelters and are pleased that the Federal Minister for Women * Dr. Giffey said the following on April 8th:
"The women's shelters and specialist counseling centers are the important institutions to help women who experience domestic violence. Their work is systemically important. In the Corona crisis, this work must be secured. Employees must and must have access to emergency care for their children get the necessary infection protection equipment. "(see message bfmsfj)


Saxony is called upon to act and improve the conditions of the aid system! In addition to women * protection, there is also a need for offers for men *, girls *, boys *, non-binary, trans *, inter * and queer children and young people and adults!

3) No reduction in project funding for social work, in particular child and youth welfare, anti-racism work and racism-critical empowerment work during and after the Corona Shut Down

Measures to contain the pandemic are necessary and physical distancing is currently an important factor. However, for many people, this distance can also pose dangers other than domestic violence. Since people who identify as queer are often affected by social exclusion, they are more dependent on a community or supportive offers. (The LSVD has compiled various information for queer people) People with depression or anxiety symptoms may also face special challenges during this time. It is important to continue to support these people, because social work is systemically relevant. Together we need to find ways to deal with the pandemic and its consequences. (See also the special topic on the coronavirus of the youth welfare portal)


With the corona shutdown, there are uncertainties regarding the economic situation in Germany. The federal government has decided on a social package to secure social services. Here it says:
“The social service providers in Germany should get actively involved in coping with the effects of the corona epidemic. However, as a result of the current situation, they are also in acute danger of serious financial losses and even bankruptcy. In order to maintain them, the federal government supports them with grants. This applies, among other things, to facilities for disabled people, services for children and young people, women, families, senior citizens. "(See information from the Federal Government)


With the fear that the consequences of the Corona crisis will also promote right-wing extremism and its violent riots in Saxony, politically independent NGOs and long-term financed and secured structures are needed to counter both right-wing terror and to secure empowerment spaces for those affected by right-wing AND racist violence. One month AFTER the right-wing terrorist murder attack on 10 People of Color in Hanau and shortly before that in Halle, the closure of the professional advice center for right-wing violence victims "RespAct" in Lower Saxony is a negative example of social irresponsibility. (Petition for Receiving RespAct)


#Racism cost diving human life

We demand further state funding of social work, especially child and youth welfare, anti-racism work and racism-critical empowerment work!

4) Awareness of solidarity and constant reflection on the privileges of educational professionals

Our demands not only go to the politicians to create anti-racist structures, but also as a concern to the specialists to show solidarity through constant reflection processes critical of racism. This also includes realizing one's own privileges (housing, capital, access to health systems, spaces and knowledge) and questioning the uneven distribution of power (who does not have these privileges?). The direct work with girls * and young women * of color needs specialists who are emphatic and critical of racism! Let's go hand in hand with that.

We demand solidarity with people who are increasingly affected by discrimination and disadvantage in the Corona crisis!

5) Sanctuaries for everyone, i.e. also for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) or people with migration / refugee history or racism experiences!

Covid-19 is not a basis for overriding human rights.

Around 22,000 people are currently living in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, and around 42,000 people in Greece's initial reception camps in a confined space - without clean water and under unsanitary conditions. How can it be that we leave people to their own devices under the most adverse circumstances and close the borders? This situation is at any time, but especially not acceptable in the context of the corona pandemic!


The humanitarian catastrophe at the EU's external border must be ended immediately!

Nine federal states and 149 municipalities have made commitments to accept refugees on the Greek border. Germany can accept - lawfully according to the “right of self-entry for humanitarian reasons” according to the “Dublin III Regulation”.

#WirHabenPlatz #leavenoonebehind #savethem

We demand an immediate evacuation of the camps and the admission of the people held there in Europe! The health of everyone and the situation of vulnerable groups such as refugees must not be played off against each other due to fear of viral infection!

6) Put a stop to right-wing extremism and racism in Germany

The right-wing extremist and racist attacks in recent months show that our social climate is still moving in the direction of right-wing terrorist agitation and violence. The way politics and the media deal with these events is inadequate. They neither get enough attention in the newspapers, nor are there political reports. As in New Zealand's advertising landscape, there should be a code of reporting in Germany that does NOT provide a platform for racist and right-wing extremist ideas to be disseminated, but on the contrary makes it very clear that right-wing terrorist AND racist ways of thinking, attitudes and structures will not be tolerated.

Challenges such as racism are permanently exposed to people with migration / refugee history or racism experiences. Much more, racist incidents against people who are read in Asia increase in times of corona, when a virus is read as a unique selling point for an entire continent.

#IAmNotAVirus #JeNeSuisPasUnvirus

It is important in Germany, especially in Saxony, to send a clear signal against racism NOW. The right-wing terrorist and racist attack in Hanau on February 19, 2020 was barely more than a month ago. This attack was followed by more: in Döbeln, Stuttgart and Heilbronn. On April 7th, 15-year-old Arkan Hussein Khalaf was murdered. They are not "lone perpetrators" or "crazy people".

#HanauwarkeinSingle case # Racism kills

Our social responsibility is to decisively counteract racism, politically, self-critically, in everyday life, everywhere.

We demand a comprehensive investigation and prosecution of racist acts of violence such as NSU, Hanau, Halle etc. by German authorities and the public as well as a clear position against right-wing extremism and racism!

7) Upgrading the so-called systemically relevant professions, including care activities

Corona shows once again that statistically more women * work in so-called systemically relevant professions. They care and look after society and yet often find themselves in precarious work situations - poorly paid. They work part-time, on a fixed-term basis, are more often affected by poverty in old age or financially dependent on others. In the private sector, too, it is mostly women * who do a large part of the housework and care work. And completely unpaid and invisible. (see also taz article: Corona is female)




We demand change! Not only must prevailing role models be critically reflected, a far-reaching rethink in politics and society is required!

8) Eliminate gender and racial discrimination at all levels of society

This rethinking must counter gender-specific and racial discrimination on all levels of society. This already begins in toddlerhood, when girls * and boys * learn the roles that they (should or must) fill later.

"It is important to us that all people can design their living spaces and paths independently. People should live in a reality in which their needs and their individuality are the focus and are equally recognized, regardless of affiliations or social attributions such as origin , Religion, gender (identity), sexual orientation, age, material situation or physical and mental condition. " (Statement by the LAG from May 2nd, 2019)

(Everyday) racism and its colonial reappraisal, gender reflection and awareness must be topics of general education!

We demand the expansion of the promotion of measures and projects for more gender equality with an intersectional perspective as well as the corresponding revision of curricula in schools, training and studies!  
We also call for measures to reduce the gender pay gap! In addition to gender-reflective professional orientation and pedagogy, politics must ensure that alternative family and care models can be lived apart from the heteronormative nuclear family! Family and work have to be more compatible! Social professions must also be financially upgraded in order to be able to counter a virus with sufficient and not overburdened staff, as in these times!
In addition, there is a need for critical reflection in the media and the public with regard to the production of certain stereotypical images as well as a greater presence of socially marginalized groups of people in politics, educational institutions, science, research, business and administration!
Let's use this pandemic to work for a better society!

We want a society ...

... who is able to live true solidarity and deal with situations like this appropriately instead of fighting against each other for resources and privileges.
... who manage to stay in contact with each other and not have to rely on isolation and undermining democracy.

... that thinks about everyone and includes them in political decision-making processest.