Which university is better Oxford or Cambridge

Studying at Oxford and Cambridge: you have to know that

What did he want to study? That was clear to Paul Ostwald in tenth grade. The young man had attended a few courses at the University of Cologne during his school days and discovered his passion for philosophy and political science there. “I really wanted to study these subjects, but at the same time have a basic degree in economics,” he says. “Philosophy, Politics and Economics”, a Bachelor's degree from Oxford University, seemed to combine all of this.

“So I decided in the tenth grade that I wanted to do everything possible to get the necessary grades,” says Ostwald. He succeeded: the 19-year-old got one of the coveted places at the British elite university.

Ostwald is not alone in wanting to study at Oxford or Cambridge. Many young Germans dream of walking in the sacred halls of these ancient British educational institutions.

It's an expensive dream, however, as a bachelor's degree in the UK now costs £ 9,000 a year. Nevertheless, around 7,500 Germans decide to study on the island each year. They expect a degree from “Oxbridge”, ie Oxford and Cambridge, or from renowned London universities such as the London School of Economics (LSE) to provide a decisive advantage for their later professional life.

Elite universities have top-class teachers

The career advantage also played a major role for Julius B. The 22-year-old has just completed his bachelor's degree in “International Management” at Warwick University in England and is now starting at a major bank in Singapore. “The name of the university is very important,” he says. “The major banks and strategy consultancies mainly employ graduates from the five major British universities.” The German also wanted a study environment that was as international as possible. “This is how you learn a lot from each other,” he says.

Then there are the top-class teachers who the elite universities afford. Oxford student Ostwald, for example, is tutored by the former head of the UK Banking Commission, Sir John Vickers. “My tutor is now moving to Washington and will work at the IMF from now on. You get the feeling that you are very close to international events, ”says Ostwald.

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