How do I get US SEO clients

Best SEO agency: Analyze agencies professionally

Actually, it's crystal clear what you are looking for want from an SEO partner would:

  • Expertise
  • trustworthiness
  • professionalism
  • Sustainable way of working
  • creativity
  • Continuous training

The only question is how the wheat can be separated from the chaff, because that is anything but easy. I speak from experience that the same problem exists with web agencies. It took us years to find partners who would support us professional company websites and online shops to build.

As a customer, you want to make sure that your company or your brand in good hands is because your SEO agency will Write content for you and also do PR work on your behalf.

Aha! Then it would be best to use a full-service agencydo you think now Well: full-service agencies have their right to exist, but they do not know how to optimize search engines. No, I'm not leaning out of the window here, it's a fact. The full-service option should therefore be excluded from the start.

The big question remains: what can you actively do if you are looking for an SEO service provider that has all of the above characteristics?

# 1 Define clear goals.

In the first step you want to define your goals and decide which KPIs you use to measure them.

The job of the SEO agency is then to develop a strategy with which you can achieve these goals.

To make the whole thing a little more tangible, here's a Do & don't example.

High quality SEO goal: More visitors from a specific audience who take a specific action

With your Google Ads campaign, you know exactly which keywords your target group is using to get through to the deal. Accordingly, you want the in your SEO campaign Focus on these keywords lay.

Don't forget: The organic search has about 9 times more click potential than paid search engine advertising on Google.

Inferior SEO goal: increase the visibility index

Unfortunately this is one frequent customer request, because the visibility index is extremely popular with companies in the DACH region. A generic visibility index says nothing about the effects on the company. A visibility index is only interesting if it refers to a specific, well-chosen set of keywords concentrated.

A visibility index over a selected set of keywords helps you to evaluate the development of the campaign. (Tool: SEMRush)

Remember, organic traffic and organic conversions are online marketing KPIs that are close to reality. The Visibility index is just an ego metric for SEOs and online marketing managers.

# 2 Make a small list of specialized agencies and have conversations.

So you are looking for an SEO agency, which youUnderstands craft, attitude and approach suits you and your company. So that the whole process doesn't take too much time, it makes sense to choose 3 to 5 agencies based on their reputation and the agency website.

Fortunately, most SEO agencies are very open about their website so you can get one there provide a good overview can.

You should only trust recommendations if they come from companies whose websites get a lot of organic traffic from search engines. The best thing to do is to check this for free via SimilarWeb.

Yours next steps can (and should) be:

  • Send an inquiry to each agency with as many details as possible.
  • Have two face-to-face meetings with each agency.
  • Study the reference projects and ask the really uncomfortable questions.
  • Let them outline the rough strategy for your brand or website.

Educational questions to the SEO agency:

  • Is your focus on advice or implementation?
  • Who is creating the content? Is it always the same person?
  • How do you ensure further training in your company?
  • How would you roughly approach our project?
  • What will be done if the chosen strategy has no effect?
  • Approximately in what period of time can we expect results?
  • How often do you communicate and what does the monthly reporting look like?
  • How much work and resources will we have to invest ourselves?
  • What link building tactics do you use?
  • Do you get paid for backlinks?

# 3 Choose the right SEO service provider based on these 4 factors

Sure, sympathy plays a big role when you choose your new SEO agency - after all, you will work closely together on a permanent basis. But: Even if the human is right, it has to Nevertheless, performance itself is convincing. The above questions and the specific offers from the service providers will help you with the SEO service to rate.

The price

Most companies want one lowest possible price. Always. Well, this is probably the worst solution in the context of search engine optimization and content marketing, because Quality and Risk Management will almost certainly fall under the table.

In addition, Google is a strict gatekeeper. Those who do not provide the best content for a search query will not be placed at the very top.

My rule of thumb is that if the SEO costs are below € 1,000 a month one shouldn't have any hopes.

Consider how much effort individual measures require:

  • Creation of a guide including content design: at least 9 hours
  • Elaboration of 50 Google snippets: at least 15 hours
  • Keyword research and site structure planning: at least 25 hours
  • Full SEO audit: at least 28 hours

The hourly rates at the top SEO agencies in the DACH region are currently between € 120 and € 170.

The practices

As discussed above, the unpaid google search an organic online marketing channel. There's nothing like it when it comes to click potential, but developing the channel takes time. How long?

The logical consequence is (as is so often the case) that you should think long-term. Link buying and black hat SEO are quite lucrative for small projects, but companies should stay away from such SEO tactics. You can quickly use your own brand and permanently damage the visibility on Google.

The implementation

In general, I think that Search engine optimization and SEO-focused content marketing difficult to implement in-house. It's logical that I say so, after all, we sell services in this area.

However, that's what we do with a lot of experience, and it showed that the problem is simply that it comes down to the subtleties and know-how. You can do almost anything right and still the Google rankings leave a lot to be desired. Besides, most of the knowledge you'll find out there is out of date, incorrectly or written from the perspective of the tool vendor.

“Most people make a mistake of writing more blog content, completely disregarding their commercial landing pages, the quality of content on their product pages or services pages, and I think us, as an industry, need to focus more on that and less on pumping out more blog stuff, because that's where the links go towards high-quality stuff. "

—Dan Petrovic, DEJAN

My preferred approach is a mixed solution: an SEO agency that helps you with the implementation and at the same time transfers know-how. You can't replace your SEO partner in the long term, but you can this way Save costs or scale faster.

The communication

From my point of view, the communication style is the crux of the matter. For example, we prefer clear votes and then as much free hand as possible.

But other customers want full control over everything, preferring to every single step monitor and want consulting ramblings rather than results. Then we are not the right partner, for example, because at endless back and forth simply nothing can go forward.

Here you have to consider whether you would rather have an expert who will tell you what makes sense and help you with the implementation or whether SEO consulting is more your approach.