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The man who brings happiness: Roman
by Catalin Dorian Florescu

Synopsis: Ray and Elena get to know each other on a dramatic night in New York. She is a fisherman's daughter from the Danube Delta, he is an unsuccessful artist who still believes in a breakthrough. She has to bring her mother's ashes to America, he wants to achieve what his grandfather hoped for himself. Their mysterious life paths come together at that moment when they can decide to trust each other by telling stories. Their family stories take the reader into the world of New York a hundred years ago and into the magical universe of the Danube Delta. Catalin Dorian Florescu allows two narrative voices to take turns in his exciting novel, rich in fabulousness and surprises. This creates the picture of a fantastic and tough century between the Black Sea and the American metropolis. A novel full of tragedy and comedy, which is at the same time a literary homage to the human ability to seek happiness, to survive and to love against all odds.