How does the alkaline diet work

Alkaline Diet: Which Foods Can You Eat?

Alkaline diet

Alkaline diet - this is the name of Hollywood's new trend diet, with which the pounds are supposed to drop off. How does the Alkaline Diet work and is it really that new? We have the most important information about the alkaline diet for you.

Alkaline or A-Line Diet

Just in time for the Oscars and before the start of spring, the Hollywood stars discovered a new diet. This year, Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst and Co. should go to the Alkaline Diet (or "A-Line Diet") swear. The trend diet should not only make you slim, but also be good for our body and provide more energy, more beautiful skin and a strong immune system.

This is behind the alkaline diet

The alkaline diet differentiates between alkaline and acidic foods. The term "acidic" is misleading, because the decisive factor for the classification is not how acidic a food is originally, but how many acid residues it after metabolizing and digestion in the body. For example, lemons are not - as we would have suspected - an acidic, but a strongly alkaline one.

The background of the alkaline diet is the assumption that our body has too much acidity our immune system weakens, makes us tired, limp and more susceptible to disease.

The reason: In an acidic environment, minerals should be used up more quickly. In addition, bacteria should be able to spread faster. This is where the alkaline diet comes in. With the right (alkaline) diet, we should be able to help our body to neutralize the acids. Hence the name "alkaline diet". This is derived from "alkalinity" (ability of substances to bind or neutralize acid).

Alkaline foods in the alkaline diet

The alkaline foods that you can eat without restrictions during the alkaline diet include above all Fruit and vegetables, but also wild rice, olives, almonds and sweet potatoes. Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and kale have a particularly strong alkaline effect. Also important for the alkaline diet: drink plenty of (still) water!

Acid foods in the alkaline diet

On the prohibited list of the alkaline diet are soft drinks such as Cola, alcohol and coffee, pork and beef, pasta and white sugar, fast food and fried foods. You can eat slightly acidic foods such as fish and eggs in moderation.

Why am i not losing weight?

Pros and cons of the alkaline diet

The alkaline diet doesn't bring us much new: Every nutritionist explains to us that we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and should avoid sugar, fat and alcohol. And the idea of ​​"good" ("basic" equals "alkaline") and "bad" ("acidic") foods is not new either. Just like the objection of many doctors that our body can neutralize acids itself.

We think: The alkaline diet can anyway a good starting point for a change in diet as long as you make sure that you enough protein take to you.

There is no annoying counting of calories or points with the alkaline diet. And you can quickly find out the division into alkaline and acidic foods if you notice a few "irregularities" (such as the alkaline lemons).

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