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5 secrets of success for lucrative affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has grown in importance in recent years, but not every blog and website makes a lot of money with it.

In this article I present 5 secrets of success for lucrative affiliate marketing, which I found out in my many years of self-employment online.

Have fun reading and look forward to your feedback.

5 secrets of success for lucrative affiliate marketing

Have you built affiliate links into your website but haven't earned a euro with them yet? Would you be satisfied if a sale were ever made?

It was the same for me many years ago. I installed affiliate banners and didn't earn anything. When the first product sale was announced, it was a really great feeling.

Affiliate marketing is unfortunately not a sure-fire success. But there are secrets of success that help you finally achieve good income.

I present 5 secrets of success in the following. I found this out the hard way in my more than ten years of self-employment and now earn thousands of euros every month.

Secret of success 1 - Understand the visitors

In my experience, this is the most important success factor. Many beginners do not respond to their visitors at all, but rather look for a lucrative partner program and incorporate it. They do not question whether there is any interest in this.

Instead, it is much more important to get to know the needs, problems and fears of your own visitors. What concerns do they have and what solutions are they looking for? Only when you know them can you present suitable products and generate sales. Of course, it helps here if you are from the same target group.

My relatively new Microphone and Podcast Tips Affiliate website doesn't have a lot of visitors yet. But I'm already making good money there with the Amazon partner program. One of the reasons for this is that I'm a podcaster myself and I know exactly what problems and worries you have when you start. That is why I am writing about it exactly.

Secret of success 2 - telling stories

It also depends on how you write your own articles. Dry lists of facts are just as boring as purely theoretical treatises.

Instead, storytelling is an important secret of success. Describing your own experiences, giving tried-and-tested tips and putting a lot of passion into it - all of this ensures articles that are well worth reading.

Telling stories doesn't mean making up something. Instead, you should take readers on a journey into their own experiences, because that's what goes down best.

On my board game blog, where I rely heavily on the Amazon partner program, I describe my experiences with board games. So I write reviews, create top 10 lists, write about background stories and much more. Even on my podcast, I talk about my experiences with a lot of board games. This is exactly how I reach the readers of my blog.

Secret of success 3 - offer added value

As an affiliate, we are the mediator between customer and seller. So why should the customer click on a link on my website instead of going straight to Amazon or other online stores?

This is due to the added value that you have to offer as an affiliate so that visitors click on the affiliate link here. So it's about more than just linking the products.

Added value in the form of information, help, experience, practical tips and much more should flow into your articles. It works very well, for example, to answer questions from readers, because they usually interest a lot of people. Incidentally, bargain offers are also added value for readers if they would otherwise only find them with more effort.

If you have passion and fun for the topic of your own affiliate website, it will be much easier to put yourself in the shoes of the readers and to offer them everything that you would like to see on the website.

I list current offers on my affiliate websites, such as my pool heating website, as well as bestsellers on Amazon. There are also background articles, experience reports and much more. On the other hand, those who only present products will not earn much.

Secret of Success 4 - Building Trust

The goal of all of these measures is to build trust. Only when readers trust me and trust my recommendations will there be lots of sales.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you think long-term and not look for quick money. Anyone who rips their readers off the table because of a few sales or recommends products they don't stand behind will not build trust.

This is why affiliate websites are long-term projects and it is becoming more and more important to become an authority in your own niche. Only then will you sell a lot of products and earn good money.

In the meantime I only build affiliate websites on topics that I find interesting and where I have experience. This enables me to delve deeply into the subject, to write articles that are worth reading and to give good recommendations. My readers appreciate that.

Success Secret 5 - Work Hard

Last but not least, you have to accept that affiliate marketing is hard work. If you want to get rich overnight with little work, you should rather play the lottery.

It is important to create content, work on the layout, analyze affiliate links, operate search engine optimization, use social networks and much more.

Successful affiliates usually invest more than 8 hours a day and work on weekends as well. I can still remember the first few years when I was mostly working. But it was worth it and I was able to build a very good affiliate business from which I benefit today.

Where do you have the most problems?

I keep coming across readers who have problems in one area or another in building a successful affiliate website.

Which of the 5 secrets to success are you most concerned about? Which is the hardest for you?

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