Can I use US dollars in Cuba

Where can Swiss at all to travel?

The Cuban government has been trying to abolish the dual currency system on the island since 2013. In October 2019, she announced that there is now a specific schedule. The company reform will begin this year, after which it will also affect private consumers.

In Cuba there is the original currency, the Cuban peso (CUP) and the convertible peso (CUC). One CUC is equivalent to 24 CUP. The CUC was introduced as a foreign currency in 2004 to replace the US dollar. Accordingly, 1 CUC corresponds to the same value as 1 USD - theoretically. In practice, however, this has not worked for a few years. In order for the state to be able to pay for imports, it needs real currency. However, these are currently scarce due to the US sanctions. So it's time for something to change.

As the Cuban newspaper “Granma” reports, the two shops “Centro Comercial Almendares” and “5ta y 42” in Havana were instructed to only give out Cuban pesos (CUP) as change. In addition, new shops were opened in October in which household appliances, electric scooters and other imported goods can only be purchased in US dollars, euros and other foreign currencies, as "Cuba heute" writes. This has already led to a loss in value of the CUC. As a result, private room landlords prefer to be paid in euros or US dollars. Taxi drivers also prefer foreign currencies as a means of payment for their transport services.

It has recently been banned from importing and exporting the CUC currency. That is why it was now only possible to buy goods at Havana Airport with Cuban pesos and foreign currency. However, this provision has already been repealed, as a traveler to Cuba reveals to Travelnews. When the currency will definitely be repealed in the whole country is only a matter of time, a specific date when the CUC will finally disappear is not known. It is possible that the regulations will be changed again at any time without warning.

Travelers planning a trip to Cuba can exchange their money in the exchange offices, so-called “CADECAS”, on presentation of their passport. This is first exchanged for CUC and then for CUP. The pesos can be used to pay in all shops.