Which drugs improve sex the most?

What are the benefits of drugs?

Oral or applied medication can add a few minutes to the time it takes for you to ejaculate. They are an option when premature ejaculation has become a major concern for a man. The funds can have various side effects.

Some men climax before or shortly after inserting the penis. If this is almost always the case and stresses a man, it is called premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox).

Means for oral use and for application to the tip of the penis (glans) are possible for drug treatment. However, they are not paid for by the statutory health insurances, as they are classified as "lifestyle drugs" and therefore do not meet the legal requirements for reimbursement.

Men who choose to be treated with medication usually choose a drug from the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These drugs are taken as tablets. Usually SSRIs are used to treat depression. One of their side effects is used to treat premature ejaculation: SSRIs also extend the time until ejaculation occurs.

An alternative are creams, gels, or sprays that contain a local anesthetic. They are applied to the glans and make the penis less sensitive.

Medicines can always interact with other active ingredients. It is therefore a good idea to inform your doctor about other medications you are taking before starting treatment. This also applies to drug intolerance or allergies.