How do we improve health care

We use innovation through responsible digitization and AI to optimize both the quality of care for individuals and efficiency at all levels of the health care system. New AI-based approaches generate valuable individualized patient insights and lead to more targeted and personalized interventions. In addition, they enable the provision of high quality medical care in remote and underserved regions of the world.

Innovation, the conversion of ideas into new or improved products and processes, has been a key driver at Siemens Healthineers since 1896. As more and more granular data can be generated and processed, we are working on providing data-driven innovative digital products and remote-controlled devices - and bringing them to regions where access and know-how have previously been lacking. In close cooperation with our clinical partners, we maintain a high level of data protection and cybersecurity and use personal data responsibly and ethically.

Bundling the strengths of man and machine

Advances in digital networking have improved the ability to exchange and combine data from various sensors and systems. By pooling the strengths of people and machines, tasks can be done more conveniently, simply, accurately and potentially with less danger. We are expanding our portfolio of remote-controlled devices such as a Corindus endovascular robot with the aim of reducing treatment times for emergency medical events such as heart attacks and strokes and expanding access to high-quality care for geographically restricted and underserved patient groups.

We are committed to expanding our AI-powered digital portfolio to personalize healthcare and increase the number of remotely controlled devices. We are thus contributing to UN-SDG 3 "Health and Wellbeing" and UN-SDG 9 "Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure".