How common are Ancestry DNA tests failing

Resolve issues with pages or buttons on Ancestry®

If you are having any of the following problems, do the following:
  • Broken or missing buttons
  • Missing registers
  • Pages are not saved
  • Pages are not loading or loading slowly, or are displayed incorrectly
  • Unsolicited unsubscriptions
  • Page errors, including error messages from external storage services
  • Documents or pictures are not displayed
  • Unknown errors
  • Problems accessing recordings that need to be viewed
  • Pages temporarily unavailable
After each of the following steps, check whether the problem has already been resolved. If not, go to the next step.
  1. Use one of the recommended browser. If you work with a computer, it's Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox . If you're using Ancestry with a smartphone or tablet, it's Safari (for iPhone and iPad) or Google Chrome (for iPhone, iPad and Android).
  2. Empty the cache and delete cookies in the recommended browser. Then quit the browser and open it again.
  3. Disable your browser extensions.
  4. Temporarily disable your security software. Security software can prevent websites from loading correctly. Temporarily disabling it can therefore reveal whether this is the cause of the problem. If the problem no longer occurs with the security software disabled, register Ancestry as an exception in that software. If you need help with this, contact the software manufacturer.

In case you get an error of type 404 and the steps outlined above did not help: If you are accessing the page you want via bookmarks or favorites, try to get there from another page on the website. If that works, replace the URL saved as a bookmark or favorite with the URL of the working page.