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French 3 - 6 course menu

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The modern French menu is structured in a similar way to the classic menu, with small, relatively light dishes you open the meal and let it end as well. Great importance is attached to the order of the dishes. Even in canteens, cafeterias or simple bars there are several aisles. That sounds like gluttony, but each of the courses served is not as opulent as in Germany. Nobody intends to fatten the guests. On the contrary: according to the criteria of “nouvelle cuisine”, less counts as more.

Aperitifs may be served with a French menu. Sorbets have a refreshing, neutralizing effect on more common dishes. They serve to delimit taste differences between the courses and to prepare for the next course.

With our flexible 3-6 course menu, we give you the opportunity to combine the menu as you wish. It is up to you whether you send your guests a “greeting from the kitchen”, serve two starters or an intermediate course.

We wish you a lot of fun with our French menus

Menu I (4 courses)

A classic French 4-course menu, which opens with two creamy, frothy starters. Goose liver and scallops are processed for this. The main course consists of a rabbit in Dijon mustard sauce with white wine. The menu is rounded off by a hearty chocolate cake with hot cherries.

Cold appetizer

Duck - foie gras cream homemade with cider jelly

warm appetizer

Foam soup of watercress with scallops

Main course

Rabbit in mustard sauce (Lapin à la Moutarde)


Gâteau au chocolat with hot cherries

Menu II (3 courses)

A rather summery recipe in its composition.
As a starter, an artichoke salad with a variety of vegetables is served in a vinaigrette made from basil and tarragon. This is flanked by seared prawns. A pickled saddle of lamb on a vegetable risotto is served for the main course. The hearty main course is replaced by a mini éclaires (cream puff) dessert with a fruity mango and orange mousse filling and completes the menu.


Artichoke salad with prawns

Main course

Saddle of lamb with creamy, hearty barley and vegetable risotto


Profiteroles / Mini-Éclaires with mango and orange mousse

Menu III (3 courses)

A menu suggestion for the hearty, hearty meat eater that is mainly prepared in the pan. The menu opens with tender duck breast on a mountain lentil leaf salad. For the main course, fillet steak wrapped in a hearty ham coat with rosemary potatoes is served on a skewer. The tart, meaty starter and main course is followed by a fruity apricot mousse as dessert.


Colorful mountain lentil and leaf salad with babarie duck breast.

Main course

Filet steaks Cafe de Paris, with herb tomatoes and rosemary potato skewer


Apricot mousse cup

Menu IV (3 courses)

It doesn't really get any more French than this menu. As a starter, crispy, fresh baguette is served, which is refined with pate-like goose or duck and a dash of brandy. The main course consists of a refined, Mediterranean fish casserole with white wine and a potato and olive topping. The menu is rounded off with caramelized creme brulée with rhubarb.


Duck or goose rillettes

Main course

Fish fillet with potato and olive topping and Provence herb cream


Creme brulée with rhubarb

Menu V (3 courses)

A vegetarian 3-course menu, which opens with a Mediterranean pissaladière, an onion cake with olives and anchovies. A ratatouille egg pan filled with parmesan and basil is served as the main course. Finally, Blanc Manager, a traditional French dessert with marzipan and orange liqueur, is served.


Mediterranean pissaladière

Main course

Ratatouille egg pan


Blanc Manager with marzipan and orange liqueur

Menu VI (5 courses)

A generous 5-course menu that begins with a no greeting from the kitchen, in the form of selected mushrooms on baguette bread. Followed by a clam and prawn starter topped off with a pernod. As an intermediate course, juicy lobster with asparagus tips, followed by a typically meaty main course consisting of poached beef fillet in mustard foam and honeydew onions.
The menu is rounded off with an apple tart sprinkled with fresh apples - ideally from the garden at home.


Croute Forestière


Scallops and prawns in the root stock with pernod

Intermediate course

Lobster bisque with asparagus tips and lobster meat

Main course

Poached fillet of beef on Perigord - mustard foam and honeydew onions


Apple tart, based on the recipe of the "legendary Tatin sisters"