How Classified Websites Make Money

Do you want to make money doing small jobs and tasks?

There are several methods available on the internet to make extra money. The most famous and what we can do in our free time are paid surveys and also advertising. But in this post I want to talk to you about another increasingly popular method: how to make money Mini jobs and tasks on the Internet.

How does it work?

There are companies that specialize in outsourcing tasks (some of which are listed below). Others go to these companies to find people willing to do small tasks for a fee. Traditionally, these tasks were performed by workers, but now they can be performed by anyone anywhere on the planet. This is known as crowdsourcing.

What types of tasks or mini-jobs should you be doing?

The tasks and mini-works have different topics and levels of difficulty.

Some tasks can be:

  • Recognize writing. As an example: identify what you wrote in handwritten form and transcribe it.
  • Classify objects. For example: say if a picture shows a dress or a skirt.
  • Find information. As an example: check the data of some companies.

The proposed tasks are rarely rewarding; in fact, they are usually repetitive tasks.

How much can you earn

They pay you pennies for every task you do.

So the idea is that you complete as many tasks as you can and thus accumulate your income.

Don't expect to get the same thing as a full salary, but you can get a little extra cash.

Websites where you can make money doing mini jobs and tasks.


This page is available worldwide and is available in English. However, don't worry that the tasks on offer will be performed in Spanish


To register, select "Register as a Clickworker". Once you have registered, you will need to complete your profile. This step is important as the tasks and mini-jobs available will depend on your skills and interests.

To the complete your profile You have to go to the section profile and click on Clickworker profile. Here you have several tabs to fill in with your information: About You (About Me), Languages ​​(Languages), Skills (Skills) and Hobbies, and Specific Knowledge (Hobbies and Technical Knowledge).

Different alternatives to make money with Clickworker

In Clickworker, of course, you can make money doing mini jobs and tasks. Some of them can be: copying e-mails or writing a text on a certain topic. In some cases, you may be asked to use the microphone or webcam, etc. The remuneration varies depending on the complexity of the task. Of course, you should know that the tasks will be reviewed before approval. Therefore, your credit is not immediately available.

You can also win by inviting your friends, that is, receiving referrals. Every time one of them wins € 10, you win € 5Please note, however, that this commission is only achieved once for each transfer.

Another way to make money with Clickworker is by using the UHRS platform, available inSpain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru. To gain access, you must pass two tests in English. In the first, you must achieve a percentage of at least 90% to pass the second test, which deals with issues related to the platform. To do the tests, you need to go to the chapter Reviews.

You must have at least one in your balance € 5 to request paymentThis is done via PayPal or bank transfer. To add the means of payment, go to the chapter invoiceand then to Payment details.

recommendation: Clickworker does not notify you when new tasks are available. So visit the internet so that you don't miss out on a task when it can be done. Do this every day. You have to be careful, sometimes there are very well paid tasks. I did a (test) once that they paid me € 9 for!

Appen (formerly Crowdflower)

Another web portal where you can make money doing homework and mini jobs.

Appen is the leading crowdsourcing services company available worldwide and in English. Here I will also help you so that you can imagine that they are not as complicated as it seems.


CrowdFlower works like this: it receives orders from other companies to perform certain tasks, classifies them later, defines a price and distributes them to its partners (which are other websites like Neobux). These employees offer you mini jobs or assignments to make money on their websites.

For this reason, unlike Clickworker, you do not need to fill out a profile when registering, as tasks can be found on PTC websites where you already have a profile.

To register in this web portal, all you have to do is enter your name, your email address and a password. I suggest that you use your Facebook account directly as you will be prompted to do so when performing tasks through partners.

In order to be able to access CrowdFlower tasks, you have to go to the "Offers" chapter as an example for this Neobux case, in which you will find the "Mini-Jobs". A corresponding screen is displayed:

Mini jobs and tasks in Neobux

Select the task you want to perform and a new tab will open to log into CrowdFlower and start the task. You have the instructions and some examples first before you begin.

eye: Assignments are usually in English, but Google Translate can help.

recommendation: As I said, you can make money doing mini-jobs and tasks on other sites like Clixsense ("Tasks" section) or Gift Hunter Club ("Earning Points" section >> "Tasks" section) etc. But I suggest you use Neobux to get more out of it as you get an extra commission too. 😉

Advantages of Neobux

Other key features you should know about CrowdFlower:

  • The tasks are very simple. For example, this could be: check the addresses of some companies, complete the information of some companies, etc. and the pay per task is usually less than $ 1.
  • The money you earn is accumulated in the balance of the web portal of the partner on which you selected the task.
  • If you perform a task on one partner's web portal, you cannot perform it again on another partner's web portal. The task is only verified once against your CrowdFlower account.
  • There are 3 levels that you can access depending on the number of tasks answered, work done, percentage of hits and flags received (Flags : negative grades for a wrong assignment)
  • Some tasks have a certain amount of time to complete. If you have not completed it, the task will not be validated.
  • In almost all mini jobs, we must first overcome a "QuizMode". A test so that the platform knows whether we are suitable for this work.

Amazonian Mechanical Turkish

Is crowdsourcing platform It belongs to Amazon, is available worldwide and in English. This allows you to do small jobs that require human intelligence. Because despite technological advances, there are certain tasks that a machine cannot perform. 🙂

Amazonian Mechanical Turkish

As with the other websites I've reviewed, the tasks are generally simple and repetitive. The remuneration depends on their complexity. Some tasks are, for example: marking objects in a picture, checking whether there is text in an audio, etc. These tasks are called «INSERT”, Which is the acronym for Human Intelligence Task, which stands for Human Intelligence Task. And the employees are called "Turks".

In general, anyone can access these HITs. However, some tasks require people to be qualified to perform them. This qualification can be achieved by passing a test.

To register you only need your email address and your password. If you already have an Amazon account, you can use it.

You can search for the HITs that interest you. They have a list of all available.

HIT on Amazon Mechanical Turk

eye: For him US users Income can be collected directly through Amazon ("Amazon Payments Account") or through Amazon gift cards. For him Indian users It is loaded onto gift cards or bank transfers. To the Users other international users gift cards only

recommendation: Start with $ 0.02 jobs that are easiest. You can also select the jobs that belong to your field of knowledge.


Performing small tasks and mini-jobs on the internet is an interesting alternative for making extra money from home. At the same time, you do not need any previous knowledge and can supplement this with other ideas that I share on the blog. It is very likely that what you earn will not be comparable to a salary, but the advantage is that you can do these tasks in your spare time. At the same time, there are sometimes tasks that are well paid.

If you have been encouraged to make money doing mini jobs and homework, I recommend that you start with the simplest ones and read the instructions carefully. Good luck! 😉