How many zeros are in 50,000

Calculating with large numbers

In these explanations you will learn how to calculate with large natural numbers.

Previous knowledge of calculating with large numbers

Large natural numbers over a million are often written with abbreviations.

1 million = 1 million = 1,000,000

1 billion = 1 billion = 1,000,000,000

1 trillion = 1 trillion. = 1000000000000

1 quadrillion = 1 br. = 1000000000000000

When calculating with large numbers that are written down with abbreviations, a place value table can be helpful. Million = 1 billion billion = 1 trillion.
Convert 5324 million to billions.


Million = 5 billion 324 million

Calculating with large numbers

Large numbers are made up of individual values. You can see the meaning of the place values ​​in the sums notation.

Notation of sums of large numbers

Adding and subtracting large numbers When adding and subtracting large numbers, you can also do arithmetic in writing.
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Add / subtract

Multiplication and division Check whether you can leave out zeros in the calculation when multiplying and dividing large numbers.
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