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Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Compulsions are burdensome and can be very time consuming. They can lead to the fact that you are hardly concerned with anything else and a normal everyday life becomes impossible. In addition, people with OCD are often ashamed of their thoughts or behavior. They try to hide their compulsions as they can be irritating to others. This, too, is usually very exhausting.

Many people are reluctant to get help and tell others about their problem. Some also fear what it could mean for their job or their family to be considered "mentally ill". However, many of those affected report after one that they would have been better off looking for help earlier.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder also poses challenges for families and can lead to conflict. Relatives may feel compelled to perform the compulsive acts as well, in order not to upset the person concerned - for example to adhere to a certain order. Or they feel like they have to constantly reassure themselves that they are not doing anything to fuel their fears.

Parents in particular often have a guilty conscience because they think that they should have noticed earlier that their child has a problem.

In general, however, it is normal that it can take a long time to notice such a disease - not least because those affected try to hide their compulsions for a long time. In addition, some do not see themselves that they have an obsessive-compulsive disorder or refuse help.

The family can be an important support for people with OCD because relatives may understand the condition better than other people. If they are involved in the treatment, they can help to face the fears and compulsions. This can be particularly helpful after completing a treatment to ensure its success.