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  • Trump's journalistic twin - the journalist Sean Hannity

    Sean Hannity is one of the moderators with the highest ratings on the US television channel "Fox News". His means: denigrating Donald Trump's political opponents and lavishly interpreting facts. That's why he's very popular with the US president.

  • Killed children in Solingen - Bild boss defends reporting

    In Solingen, a mother is said to have killed five of her children. The Bild newspaper then published private messages from the eleven-year-old brother of the killed children and has been criticized for this. In the interview, Bild editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt sees this as no problem.

  • 07.09.2020 Restaurant at noon

    Future Commission for Agriculture - "Farmers don't get fair wages"

    As a farmer, she feels strengthened when society demands species-appropriate animal husbandry and more climate protection, said Elisabeth Fresen from the AG Rural Agriculture in the Dlf. Accordingly, subsidies should be linked to the performance of the farms and not to areas.

  • Islam in Germany - "hostility to Muslims is hostility to people"

    Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) appointed an Independent Expert Council on Anti-Muslim Affairs a few days ago. Yasemin el-Menouar from the Bertelsmann Foundation is a member of the committee. "Islam is no longer perceived as a religion, but as a political ideology," she said in the DLF.

  • Gun boom in Austria - "Let's all shoot"

    The Austrians are arming more and more privately. 320,000 already have one or more firearms, and the number is rising. The corona pandemic was an additional sales booster, and sales have increased significantly in recent months.

  • 70 years ago - the demolition of the city palace in East Berlin begins

    On September 7, 1950, 70 years ago, the GDR began to blow up the city palace in the Soviet sector of Berlin, which had been damaged by bombs in World War II. What remained were the foundations - on which a replica of the former baroque palace for the Humboldt Forum has been built for several years.

  • New jobs in health authorities - "A historic event"

    The federal and state governments want to create 5,000 full-time positions in the health authorities. This is a first step, said Ute Teichert from the Federal Association of Doctors in the Public Health Service in the Dlf. In addition, the offices would also have to be networked with each other and across national borders.

  • 07.09.2020 Information in the morning
  • 06.09.2020Concert Document of the Week

    Music Festival Bremen 2019 - Katharina's Court Music

    At the Musikfest Bremen 2019, Alfredo Bernardini and his ensemble Zefiro presented gallant wind chamber music between baroque and sensibility. At Schloss Jever they played the music that Sophie Auguste Friederike von Anhalt-Zerbst heard before she became the Russian Grand Duchess Katharina.

  • Sport on the weekend
  • Sport on the weekend
  • Sport on the weekend
  • Sport on the weekend

    Cycling in Colombia - at home on the peaks

    Egan Bernal, the defending champion of the Tour de France, comes from Colombia. There are a total of ten Colombians on the tour. They are known as genuine "climbers", but in their homeland they are not called that way, but rather "beetles": small and light, diligent and determined on the way up.

  • Sport on the weekend
  • Urban life - "Thinking the city holistically"

    The city must be thought of as a "holistic organism", says urban planner Matthias Sauerbruch in the Dlf. The time of the car-friendly city is over. Climate change and construction costs are making calls for new building materials and sustainable construction louder. But is that also economical?

  • 09/06/2020Science in focus

    Flat Freighters - New Transport Concepts for Inland Shipping

    In theory, they are an inexpensive and sustainable means of transport - and yet inland waterways are currently in little demand. Extreme low water like in 2018 is just one of the many problems. How can freight traffic on rivers and canals be made attractive again?

  • Sjón: "CoDex 1962" - The Roman berserker

    Sjón was the only Nordic writer so far to have been nominated for an Oscar - in 2001 for the lyrics in Lars von Trier's film “Dancer in the Dark” with the singer Björk. To his great novel “CoDex 1962” he says succinctly: “Let the reader do the work” - let the reader do the work.

  • Band Mother's Cake - tape noises and cyber radio

    The psychrock trio Mother's Cake has been making music together since 2008. His fourth album "Cyberfunk!" floats on psychedelic delay clouds or sinks into the swamp groove. And the Austrians also have a homage to Pink Floyd in their program.

  • 06.09.2020 Interview of the week
  • 09/06/2020Essay and Discourse
  • 06.09.2020The new record
  • 06.09.2020News in depth

    Coronavirus news blog - +++ The developments from September 6th to 8th

    Several anti-Semitic incidents occurred during demonstrations against the corona measures. Bavaria is dismantling the test centers on the motorways due to the end of the holiday season. Israel imposes night curfews and school closings in 40 cities. Further developments in our news blog.

  • 05.09.2020Atelier for New Music

    Octavian Nemescu's Spiritual Exercises - Musical Book of Hours

    After the fall of the Ceaușescu regime, the Romanian composer Octavian Nemescu began work on a large-scale cycle. It is a musical book of hours that was inspired by the "Egyptian Book of the Dead". What does it have to say to us in the 21st century?

  • 05.09.2020Sports on the weekend
  • 05.09.2020Sports on the weekend

    Spectators in the stadiums - Bundesliga patchwork?

    The new Bundesliga season begins in two weeks. The conditions at the respective Bundesliga locations will be extremely different, especially when it comes to whether or not fans are allowed into the stadium. A patchwork quilt and distortion of competition threaten.

  • 05.09.2020Sports on the weekend

    "Future of professional football" - time for change

    After the loud criticism of the excesses of professional football in the first half of the year, the proposals for countermeasures are becoming more and more concrete. However, it is unclear whether the clubs and associations are also prepared to take measures that go beyond small concessions.

  • 05.09.2020Sports on the weekend

    Paralympics 2021 - The forgotten games?

    According to the original plan, the Paralympic Games should take place at this time. But since “Tokyo 2020” was postponed by a year, the talk is mainly of the Olympic Games. The big games of disabled sports could face a dire fate.

  • 05.09.2020Sports on the weekend

    Spectators in indoor sports - "We are looking forward to Saxony"

    The German ice hockey league is hoping for the Bundesliga game from RB Leipzig in front of 8,400 spectators. "This can lead to a trend reversal," said DEL managing director Gernot Tripcke. In the Dlf, however, he criticized the different provisions for the admission of viewers in the federal states.

  • 05.09.2020Sports on the weekend

    Rock Climbing - How to Determine the Difficulty of a Climbing Route

    Higher, further, faster - these are the benchmarks for outstanding athletic performance. In rock climbing, however, unlike in Olympic competition climbing, these standards do not play a role. The only thing that matters here is the difficulty of a climbing route.

  • Italy's migration policy - new routes, old problems

    Since the beginning of the year, four times as many refugees have arrived in Italy as there were in 2019 in the same period. Many of them are embarking on a new route via Tunisia. The government is working on a new migration policy - and continues to feel left alone by the EU.

  • Cage project in Halberstadt - organ pipes as an event

    How slow can slow be? In the case of the track “ORGAN² / ASLSP” as slowly as possible. John Cage stipulated 639 years for its performance. Every change of lawsuit is an event. Now after seven years there is another one. Music critic Uwe Friedrich sums it up: "Very entertaining."

  • 05.09.2020Books for young readers

    Leaderboard - The best 7 in September

    In the September books we walk with animals through the year, ask about the origin of the food, accompany a girl to kindergarten for the first time and a young person through her first confusions in love. But it is also about heavy losses: the home, the grandfather or even the whole family.

  • "Gold Record" by Bill Callahan - Songs in Electric Blankets

    The American musician Bill Callahan released an extensive album with intimate stories about his family last year. Now he is picking up where he left off - with musical folk and country stories about friends, neighborhood and togetherness.

  • 05.09.2020Classic-Pop-et cetera

    The horn player Klaus Wallendorf - musical jokes

    As a "house poet for life" he retired with the Berliner Philharmoniker. Today Klaus Wallendorf still plays and moderates with the brass ensemble German Brass. In the Dlf he raves about his favorite conductor Carlos Kleiber and heavenly melodies.

  • The Navalny case - "No break in German-Russian relations yet"

    According to Putin biographer Alexander Rahr, one cannot simply assume that the Kremlin is behind the poison attack on Alexei Navalny. Chemical weapons may have escaped Kremlin control. Rahr pleaded in the Dlf for a German-Russian investigation commission.

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