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do identidad
Becomes your identity known as the Slayer, ... it could endanger you and everyone close to you.
Si do identidad como Cazadora es revelada, podría ponerte a ti y a todos a tu alrededor en grave peligro.
Does not have it your identity inspired?
You do not know where your life begins and your identity ends.
No sabes dónde comienza tu vida y termina do leyenda.
I may be willing your identity to accept, Freya.
I will your identity protect and help you keep the site.
Quiero proteger do identidad y ayudarte a mantener la página.
Why do you have to all the time your identity switch?
I'm just trying your identity to protect.
Only four people knew your identity.
You would your identity give up for George, and then our Ursula will no longer exist.
Perteneces aquí, do identidad será absorbida completamente por George, y la Ursula que conocemos y amamos, desaparecerá.
Then you have something to do and you can your identity find while I'm losing mine
Te mantendrá ocupado y te ayudará aounter do identidad mientras yo pierdo la mía.
We all need evidence for your identity gathering what we can get.
Tenemos quehabenrar toda prueba material posible que demuestre do identidad.
Do you care that I your identity reveal?
I didn't complain when I was in green leather your identity protected.
No me oíste quejar cuando tuve que vestir piel verde para proteger do identidad.
You can hear from Lily your identity don't let them steal like the guy theirs.
No debes permitir que ella robe do identidad, como lo hizo este tipo.
Clark there is no reason for you your identity to reveal if I've already done so.
Clark, no hay necesidad de comprometer do identidad cuando yo ya lo he hecho.
If your identity only restricts you that takes away the opportunity to be something else.
Cuando do identidad te condiciona eso te da la oportunidad de ser algo distinto.
But you have to your identity still keep a secret.
They steal your life, your privacy, your identity...
It will steal your secrets ... destroy your dreams ... and your identity corrupt.
The robará tus secretos corromperá tus sueños y se adueñará de do identidad.
If you should keep going then maybe you should find a way your identity to hide when you're outside.
Si vas a seguir adelante, quizás quierashabenrar una forma de ocultar do identidad cuando estés ahí fuera.
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