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2019 | book

Decision theory

Individual, strategic and collective decisions

In this book, building on the basics of individual decisions under security and under uncertainty, the essential models of collective decisions and strategic decisions are presented.

2019 | book

Mathematics for economists

Presented in 60 interdisciplinary lectures

This textbook presents a wealth of interesting economic problems in 60 chapters (lecture units), which are mathematically substantiated in detail. The structure is very user-friendly for both students and ...

2018 | book

Statistics in the Bachelor's degree

An introduction for economists

This book covers exactly the material that is typically tested in exams for introductory "Statistics" lectures in economics departments. It contains more than 100 examinations with solutions on the ...

2018 | book

Modern Financial Mathematics - Theory and Practical Application Volume 2

Extensions to the Black-Scholes model, interest rate, credit risk and statistics

This book and the associated first volume on option valuation and portfolio optimization provide a thorough introduction to the methods and principles of modern financial mathematics.

2017 | book

Practical financial mathematics

Interest calculation - interest bonds - interest models

This introductory textbook provides all the knowledge of financial mathematics that the author would have liked to have had when he started his career in the insurance industry. The reader receives a concrete, intuitive introduction to ...

2017 | book

Mathematics of private health insurance

This book is a fundamental introduction to the mathematical methods of German private health insurance. The focus is on the subjects of calculation bases, premium calculation and aging provisions. In particular ...

2017 | book

Approximation and nonlinear optimization in practical tasks

Applications from the financial sector and location planning

In this book, the diversity of optimization and approximation, together with their broad environment, is expressed using tasks, their solutions and useful applications. The focus is on technical, methods ...

2017 | book

Call center analysis and management

Modeling and optimization with queuing systems

The book first describes the components relevant for a queuing theoretical modeling of a complex inbound call center, including their interrelationships and special properties. On this basis, modern ...

2016 | book

Practical life actuarial math

With numerous examples as well as tasks plus solutions

The book provides a basic and practical introduction to life insurance mathematics. On the one hand it is mathematically stringent and on the other hand it is practically descriptive. This provides an intuitive and safe introduction to ...

2016 | book

Mathematics for Bachelor of Business Administration: Exercise book

Supplements for deepening and training

This book is the ideal complement to the textbook "Mathematics for Business Administration Bachelor". It contains more than 220 carefully compiled exercises with increasing difficulty as well as detailed solutions. Introductory to each ...

2015 | book

Statistics internship with Excel

Basic quantitative analysis of realistic economic data with Excel 2013

Using typical and realistic examples from business practice, this “statistics internship” shows how to support basic statistical analyzes with a common tool. This with the aim of using the data available on the subject

2015 | book

Entry into business mathematics

Mathematical methods are an integral part of a wide variety of economic fields. A secure mastery of the general mathematical basics as well as the most important terms and ideas from analysis, linear algebra,

2015 | book

Mathematics for a Bachelor of Business Administration

Step by step with detailed solutions

This book takes you by the hand and guides you to successfully passed exams in the basic mathematics course of your studies. Two experienced university professors have been hired as authors, who are reluctant to make contact and are uncertain

2015 | book

Startup financial mathematics

Interest - rates - returns

This start-up help for financial mathematics conveys the basic formulas, methods and ideas of classical financial mathematics without going into too much detail and in such a way that you can read the text f

2015 | book

Mathematical formulas for economists

This collection of formulas is specifically tailored to the needs of studying economics at universities and technical colleges. It contains the essential basic knowledge of mathematics, finance and finance in a condensed, clear form

2014 | book

Modern financial mathematics - theory and practical application

Volume 1 - Option Valuation and Portfolio Optimization

The textbook gives an introduction to typical tasks in modern financial mathematics. The most important financial-mathematical principles (arbitrage, duplication, diversification) and results are presented in a simple, discrete-time framework

2014 | book

Exam training in mathematics and statistics for economists

Tasks - Hints - Test exams - Solutions - Common mistakes

This book is aimed at students of economics who want to prepare specifically and effectively for exams in mathematics and statistics in their basic studies. Exam tasks have their own specifics: they are not too easy,

2014 | book

Bridging course in mathematics for economists

Through concentrated repetition and practice, this bridging course is intended to help bridge the difference between high school graduation and university entry quickly and at the same time lead to selected subject areas of the beginning semester. The representation

2013 | book

Risk analysis

Modeling, assessment and management of risks with practical examples

This book offers an application-oriented presentation of mathematical methods of risk modeling and analysis. A particular concern is an overarching approach in which financial and actuarial aspects are dealt with together

2013 | book

Financial risks in the insurance industry

Modern finance and risk concepts in the insurance industry

The financial risks in the insurance industry are illuminated with the help of modern financial theory. For this purpose, the interest rate sensitivity of cash values, reserve capital, etc. is examined using the term duration. Using the mathematical risk terms will be