What is it like to live with HIV / AIDS

Living with HIV

Thanks to HIV medication, there is a good chance of a normal life expectancy with a good quality of life. If taken regularly, they also protect against transmission during sex.

For many people, the social consequences outweigh the health consequences of HIV infection. AIDS organizations and self-help groups offer support against exclusion and discrimination.

Five important facts about living with HIV

Medical aspects of living with HIV

Of course, some things will change in your life as a result of HIV. First of all, it is important to have an experienced HIV doctor by your side. You can discuss all important medical questions with her_him. For example:

  • Start HIV treatment
  • What to do if there are side effects?
  • Regular examinations
  • Sexual Health Questions.

Most HIV therapy consists of one or two tablets a day. Most people have little or no side effects and tolerate them well.

Everyday life with HIV

In addition to medical issues, HIV can also play a role in other areas of life. For example:

The experiences of many people with HIV show that there are good answers to many questions.

Advice and support

Online advice

At aidshilfe-beratung.de we advise you personally and anonymously at any time.

There are many self-help activities in Germany where you can meet other people with HIV and exchange ideas.

The buddy project, for example, places people nationwide who are HIV-positive themselves and who volunteer to give you advice and help with the first “positive” steps.

Counselors in AIDS organizations will also be at your side if you want.

Find AIDS support addresses in your area

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