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Press release No. 246 from 10/26/2020 For the first time over 400,000 students at Bavaria's universities: The universities are also starting their lectures again

Science Minister Bernd Sibler: Mix of digital offers and on-site teaching in the 2020/21 winter semester - innovative new courses of study from aerospace informatics to biotechnology to the understanding of religion - additional positions for all regions

MUNICH. Science Minister Bernd Sibler spoke of "a new record" when he gave an overview of the framework conditions for studying during the corona crisis today in Munich on the occasion of the start of lectures at universities. He also presented new courses. For the first time, the number of students at Bavarian universities is over 400,000: According to the current quick registration figures, around 403,000 young people have registered for the winter semester 2021/2020. You can expect a mix of online and face-to-face teaching and new innovative courses.

The universities and colleges had meticulously prepared the new semester under changed conditions and could draw on the experiences of the successful digital summer semester, said Science Minister Sibler. “All in all, I expect a cleverly developed relationship between face-to-face and online teaching throughout Bavaria. Especially at the beginning and at the end of the course, more on-site events are planned, in the middle more online teaching. ”The exact proportion depends on the specialist focus and the spatial conditions of the individual facilities. The first semester as well as the students in the final phase of their studies would have priority when planning the teaching on site. Personal exchange is particularly important for them, he emphasized. Practical events with laboratory operations or project work or events with an artistic-musical character are also given priority. “On-site teaching is particularly important to me, because we all want more togetherness and more discourse in personal exchange. At the same time, health protection must be the top priority, especially in view of the increasing number of infections, ”says Sibler. He asked the entire college family to be especially careful and careful in face-to-face encounters.

A maximum of 200 people per course on campus

A binding framework applies to the courses in the winter semester: a maximum of 200 people are allowed to attend a classroom course. For the tracking of infection chains by the health authorities, the data of all participants in each classroom course must be documented - taking into account the requirements of data protection. The minimum distance of 1.50 meters must be observed during the courses. A mouth and nose cover must be worn where the minimum distance cannot be reliably maintained, for example in traffic and meeting areas within the university building. If the 7-day incidence limit of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the respective district or in the respective urban district is exceeded, a mask is required for face-to-face events on the site. Decisive is the announcement of the affected district or the affected urban district in which the respective university premises are located.

Around 50 new courses from artificial intelligence to intercultural studies

Around 15 new, innovative courses such as aerospace informatics, biotechnology and religious literacy are starting at the universities for the new semester. Mapping future topics such as artificial intelligence, digitization and sustainability is also emerging as a trend in all around 50 courses that start at Bavarian universities in total in the winter semester. But new humanities courses are also offered. “This breadth makes it clear: We are concerned with the pressing future topics and new technologies - such as the question of the sustainable use of our resources and the use of robotics and AI - as well as seemingly niche topics, but which are also of great value for our society are ”, says Bernd Sibler. He emphasized that the expansion of research and teaching would be accelerated through the high-tech Agenda Plus. In this way, additional positions that were actually only planned for the coming years could be advertised or filled more quickly.

Changed lecture times in the winter semester

At universities, the lecture period in the 2020/21 winter semester begins on November 2nd and ends on February 26th. They follow the universities of applied sciences and technical universities that started lectures on October 1st and end this January 25th. The universities can shorten the lecture period by up to two weeks if the intended subject matter is offered in a studyable manner, the universities of applied sciences by four weeks. For the higher semesters in human medicine, molecular medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, the individual universities could decide that the lecture period lasts from October 12th to February 5th. Due to the changed lecture times in this summer semester, the lecture times in this winter semester were partially postponed.

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