Dogs know people who are not dogs

Friends and helpers - where we need dogs

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Dogs are among the oldest pets, they have been loyal companions of humans for around 15,000 years. The first dogs were a valuable aid when hunting or tending herds of animals.

But not only that. The infallible sniffing nose still serves people well in many areas today: as a sniffer dog for avalanche victims, in the police force, as a rescue dog or as an actor in film and television.

Sled dog

In snow-covered Alaska, sled dogs, mainly huskies, are used as pack animals and draft animals. A sled dog team can consist of two to twelve animals. Together they can cover a distance of up to 200 kilometers within 24 hours.

During a winter, a dog runs about 10,000 kilometers. Their sense of danger also warns the handlebars of crevices and thin ice.

Guide dog

The dog is also an irreplaceable helper for blind people: it leads over curbs, around bends or operates switches at traffic lights. The dog is specially trained for these special achievements and has to go to school for one year.

Golden Retrievers are very suitable as guide dogs because of their high level of peacefulness and intelligence. At the end there is a test for the dogs and when they pass it, they get their state examination.

Dogs as prison attendants

Dogs are also said to help people who are in jail. Prisoners learn to feed their companions regularly, to go for a walk with them and to wash them.

By caring for the dogs, the prisoners learn to take on social responsibility. And that should help them to find their way around better in everyday life later on.

Thanks to their keen sense of smell, dogs are of course also used in hunting. Once the trail has been taken, you can follow a track for many kilometers. The Portuguese water dog can even sniff out odors in the water.