Which healthy foods satisfy

Eating healthy with fast food - new trends for fast food

Fast food - more than burgers, pizza, currywurst

If you think of the conventional fast food menu when it comes to fast food, you can now expand your culinary horizons considerably: the trend is also moving towards healthy, fresh ingredients, low-fat meat and fish and light sauces among fast food providers and dressings. This is not least due to the increased demand for healthy snacks, because healthy nutrition is now on everyone's lips in the truest sense of the word. Raw vegetables, salads, smoothies, sushi, vegetarian and vegan dishes are trendy and taste great. "There is a big new boost in the direction of lighter, fresh, more vegetable alternatives," stated the nutritionist Hanni Rützler in an NDR interview. According to the author of the "Food Report 2016", eating is not just about eating, it is also about creative self-expression and a lifestyle based on values ​​- and this is also reflected in the range of snack kitchens and fast-food chains that are increasingly targeting health-conscious people Focus on customers. Not to mention the wide range of choices offered by Asian, Turkish, Greek or Italian cuisine.

What fast food providers should pay attention to

What generally applies to healthy eating is now also relevant for manufacturers of fast food. Therefore, providers of the "quick kitchen" must consider the following factors in particular in order to meet the increased demands of consumers:

  • Fresh ingredients,
  • a vitamin and nutrient-friendly preparation,
  • appropriate, needs-based portion sizes and
  • a high proportion of plant-based food, fruit and vegetables and fiber, such as in whole grain products

Fewer and fewer people eat at home

All of this forms an optimal basis for daily needs. Low-fat meat and fish such as chicken, lean turkey, pollack, plaice or cod not only reduce calories, but also provide many important nutrients such as iodine and omega-3 fatty acids, which are valuable for the brain, heart and circulation. This begs the question of what happens to frozen food. Is frozen food generally unhealthy than fresh?

The market for frozen vegetables and fruit is now huge. One of the main reasons for moving into the supermarket chests of the republic is to save time. All the consumer has to do is tear open the pack, pour the contents into the pot or oven, heat and that's it. There is no need for time-consuming preparation such as washing or cutting vegetables. Studies show that in Germany people eat less and less at home in the morning and at noon. This applies to working adults as well as children and young people. Because many people lack the motivation to swing the wooden spoon themselves in the evening, they often try to "cook quickly".