Where do Indians live in Singapore

Little India in Singapore

In Little India Singapore, the old merges with the new. Because this is where traditional shops and new shops share the district. For example, modern shops are located in old restored buildings. These give Little India a very special charm.

I was overwhelmed by my first visit to Little India in Singapore. Everything is colorful, loud, mostly Indian music is playing on every corner and a wonderful smell of various spices and dishes is in the air. Everywhere you can find restaurants that offer Indian food, small general stores and one or the other flower shop. And of course shops that sell clothing and jewelry. The latter is very cheesy for my taste.

Singapore is not the same as Singapore. Because here there is also Chinatown and the Arab Quarter. These differ from the rest of Singapore as well as Little India. You almost get the feeling that this district has a few special rights. Because in contrast to the rest of the city, it doesn't look that clean here.

Shopping in Little India Singapore

In addition to temples, Indian restaurants and street art, Little India in Singapore also offers many shopping opportunities.

Tekka Center

Just a stone's throw from the Little India MRT (subway) station, the Tekka Center is also known as Pusat Tekka among the Malays. You can see the large, colorful building from afar. The Tekka Center has a lot to offer, namely a wet market, a food court and a large shopping area.

The wet market

The Wet market offers everything the Asian palate desires. You get fresh food, such as meat, fish and seafood. Here you will find a large selection of tropical fruits, Asian vegetables and herbs. In addition, there is also a wide range of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai spices.

In the wet market, the motto is, the sooner the better. Accordingly, the best time to visit the wet market is early in the morning.

The food court

Just like the Wet Market is also the one Food court, also known as the Hawker Center in this country, on the ground floor. Numerous food serenades offer here, mainly Indian, Chinese, Western but also Muslim dishes. Because of the latter, it is very popular with Malaysians to eat here, as they rely on halal dishes.

Compared to restaurants, you can eat very cheaply and well here. So if you are traveling with a smaller travel budget then you will surely find what you are looking for here.

When I visited the Tekka Hawker Center, I was a little sick and had almost no voice. On the recommendation of a nice man while serenading drinks, I ordered a ginger tea. When I tried to pay for the tea with a 50 S $ (~ 32.60 €) note, he said that he had no change. He went to change the bill. But suddenly he turned back and came up to me. With a friendly smile on his face, he returned my S $ 50 and invited me to tea. I thanked them warmly and said goodbye with a "Get well soon".

Bollywood at the Tekka Center