What are the steps in a Christian baptism

With holy baptism a person becomes a Christian and a member of the Church. It is the visible sign that God has accepted this person. Baptism is a sacrament and almost all Christian churches mutually recognize it. Therefore every person can only be baptized once in a lifetime, even if, for example, they change their denomination.

Many parents want their children to live under God's protection and blessing and to grow into the tradition in which they stand. If children are brought to baptism, the parents, godparents and the congregation are committed to ensuring that the growing children hear about Jesus Christ, are introduced to prayer and get to know the testimony of the Bible and are repeatedly invited to faith. In the congregation this happens primarily in work with children and in confirmation work.

When an infant or young child is baptized, parents and godparents confess their faith in God on behalf of the child and promise to provide a Christian upbringing. For this reason alone, baptism should not be viewed as a completed act, but as the beginning of a Christian journey through life.

Those who were baptized on the basis of their parents' decision are faced with the task of finding a personal relationship with the Christian faith. Some fail to do this and later quit the church. In this case, all rights and obligations of belonging are lost, but the possibility of returning to the Church is always open. The Baptism remains valid and is not repeated.

People who consciously live with the Church see God's gift in baptism, which gives them the opportunity to respond with steps of faith. For them, belonging to the Church based on baptism is joy and obligation.

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