What percentage of 40 is 16

Calculator: percent

All percentage formulas at a glance

p = percentage(the percentage for the share, e.g.)
W = percentage(the numerical value for the proportion, e.g.)
G = basic value(the value that should be 100%, for example)
How do I calculate percentages?

Here you can see the necessary ones Percentage formulas:

Percentage = Percentage / Core value

Percentage = base value · percentage

Basic value = Percentage / percentage

How do you use the percentage calculator?

If you get a discount of 10% on your current purchase, it would be helpful if you can calculate it yourself and thus check it. For this you simply have to enter 10% in the first field under "Calculate share" and the purchase value in the second field. The discount is already displayed. Or you would like to pay an invoice earlier with a discount, this is given as 3%. The bill is 850 euros. How do you calculate the discount? Very simple: Enter 3% and 850 euros above and you will see 25.50 euros. This is your discount amount.

The programs of this percentage calculator can be used for all possible percentage calculations and cool: The result appears to you immediately, you save time. Plus, you don't have to mess with formulas, set up fractions, or rearrange proportional equations. You no longer need the calculator either. The tool is a real math aid.

Only 2 output values ​​have to be entered for each searched value. You can also try the interest calculation, 5% interest for a year for 2000 euros. How much do you have after that? Very simple: 5% of 2000 euros = 100 euros. We add this value to 2000 euros and get 2100 euros. You can also enter 105% above and the 2000 euros, then 2100 euros will appear immediately as the solution. You can also calculate your rent increase, the down payment for your new car or the increase in your household costs.

Examples for calculating percentages in everyday life (with formulas)

1st example: Calculate a percentage

Task: 175 out of 3500 women have twins. How many percent are this?

We determine: Percentage value W = 175 and base value G = 3500. Now insert the values ​​in the formula:

Answer: 5% of women have twins.

2nd example: Calculate percentage value

Task: Of 5,500 glass bottles transported, 1% break. How much is that?

We determine: percentage p = 1% and base value G = 5500. Now insert the values ​​in the formula:

Answer sentence: 55 bottles break during transport.

3rd example: Calculating the basic value

Task: 4 students from the school wrote a 1.0 in the math test, which corresponds to 16%. How many students took the exam?

We determine: percentage value W = 4 and percentage = 16%. Now insert the values ​​in the formula:

Answer sentence: 25 students took the math exam.

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