Why does someone find life boring?

Boring: This is guaranteed to make you uninteresting

You find all this fuss around Commitment, verve and openness completely overrated? Then this article is perfect for you. Because why should someone try to be interesting, exciting or even exciting when it is apparently so much easier to be a classic bore to become. Besides, catchphrases like sympathy or teamwork are already overrated, aren't they? You can never please everyone anyway, so why give it a try? A - not very seriously meant - guide on how you are guaranteed to become uninteresting ...

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Boring: An easy way?

A Boring to be - that can't be that difficult, can it? Don't be too hasty! Because de facto it costs the way to the perfect boring numerous hardships, a lot of perseverance and iron discipline. Apart from the constant work of convincing you have to do it.

Because simply doing nothing is not enough. who truly uninteresting want to be, has to be able to do more than that. We have a few tips ready to help you succeed in this step.

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Five tips for the perfect bore

As mentioned before, being really boring is hard work. After all, you don't want your colleagues to simply ignore you in the office. So you have to approach it differently: Your goal has to be that sense of time Manipulate your colleagues. Every interaction with you must feel like a Chewing gum that keeps getting longer and longer. If you now doubt whether you are up to the task: Don't worry, this one five tips for sleepyheads in spe guaranteed to help you put the patience of your colleagues to the test.

  1. Hold monologues

    Talk about yourself as much as possible. What you are doing, what successes you have already achieved - ideally, you should also give yourself plenty of praise. Before you have to listen to each other's snoring stories (worse, genuinely care!), Brag about your exciting life. If it isn't: just invent one! The main thing is that the others do not have their say unnecessarily.

  2. Preserving traditions

    Why dare to try something new when the old has proven itself? Routines not only protect us from unnecessary risks and adventures, they also give us a strong feeling of security. So it is best to give it to others as well - and develop a missionary zeal to protect them from uncomfortable thoughts and ventures.

  3. Keep your opinion

    Once you have a clear view of how the world works, don't let it cloud you over again. You know, that has to be enough. Facts or blatant contradictions are just tests of the reversible neck to test how confident you really are. So just argue for a pretense. Of course, the result has to be clear beforehand: you are right!

  4. Ignore literature

    Books are an old, rigid medium. In addition, they destroy forests, cost money, time and dealing with other people's thoughts (see point 1). Ultimately, the same applies to theater and movies. The telly at home offers all that too, just more convenient and more colorful.

  5. Avoid exchanges

    Other people at all! Much too strenuous. Especially if you don't even know them. Addressing strangers? Too dangerous! It is better to stay with your long-term and like-minded friends, make appointments only at home and avoid social media (devil stuff!).

Boring Synonym: Don't let terms confuse you

If you practice long enough, at some point you will be so boring as that a single word is hardly enoughto describe how uninteresting and drowsy you appear to others.

Once you've made it that far, you can be proud of it. After all, many make it to the level of a simple boring man. Don't be satisfied with that. You want to go higher. Sleeping pill, bag, sleepyhead, the Successor of the Sandman... The more unusual and creative the names get, the better you can do your job out of bores.

11 incredible uninteresting properties

Some are naturally more boring than others. But don't let that put you off. With a little effort you too will be able to get some of the boring properties to acquire. So if you want to avoid or exclude interest in you and your person or even attractiveness, we have them here and now ultimate checklist for her. With this you are guaranteed to have your peace and quiet No longer perceived by anyone as pleasant or open-minded.

  1. Egocentric

    You are the sun, all others are at best satellites in your orbit. So take all the limelight and only talk about yourself and your interests. Should an unqualified supporting actor dare to interrupt you and disturb you with trivialities such as opinions or facts, you will punish him with disregard.

  2. One-dimensional

    Never change the subject in a conversation! Please only deal with one thing, variety quickly destroys the laboriously built-up disinterest in yourself. You might get a topic off your lips that interests others - a risk you shouldn't be taking.

  3. Superficial

    No matter what the topic, you should definitely refrain from knowing the details. Facts only destroy your art world. In addition, a lot of detailed knowledge is extremely exciting. So-called experts generate great interest. This danger can only be encountered with consistent half-knowledge and your own understanding of it.

  4. Not binding

    Clear positions are pure poison in trying to remain unattractive. Unfortunately, people who clearly express their opinion, commit to a topic and even make decisions seem far too attractive. It is not uncommon for you to be ascribed authority and sincerity. To avoid this, you should stay as spongy as possible. Oracles and looking ambiguous also help, of course.

  5. Persevering

    If you do have to express an opinion, please lay more firmly than fast-hardening concrete. Once an opinion has been formed, it should never be left again. That would only suggest fallibility. You should also consistently shut yourself off from arguments. What helps here: become polemical and attack the other person personally. That distracts from the facts.

  6. Indifferent

    Please do not show any compassion or interest yourself - no matter what. As soon as you let it be known that something appeals to you or that you are enthusiastic about something, you appear passionate again. Therefore: Please let everything roll off you indifferently - you are a human lotus leaf!

  7. Native

    Always stay at home. Those who travel, visit other places and look around are only gaining new experiences. They could shake your view of the world or even bring you together with exciting people. The telly offers enough filtered worldview, moreover on over 30 channels. It must be enough.

  8. Routine

    Trying new things and breaking out of familiar processes - that provides a wealth of experience. But that only makes you exciting again. It is therefore essential that you stay in your usual course and never break out of your carefully maintained routines.

  9. Unfriendly

    Friendly people rarely have problems making new contacts. You will quickly find a connection and thus constantly learn new things. Also something like social skills. Avoid that at all costs! You might become interesting through new acquaintances.

  10. Unkempt

    Body odor, greasy hair and unwashed clothing put many people off. Make sure you get as close as possible to this ideal. Just avoid the bathroom for the next few days and don't look at the washing machine. You will be amazed at how easy it is to be avoided.

  11. Motionless

    If none of this works - one thing always works: Answer all contact requests and questions with a monosyllabic Yes or No. If the other person doesn't ask you a question, it is best not to react at all. Avoid all facial expressions or gestures. Under no circumstances let the other person realize that you are listening to them. That should reduce the interest in yourself to zero in no time. What has established itself in the animal kingdom as a protective reflex ultimately also works in humans.

Dead boring - in the truest sense of the word

I'm dying of boredom. - The phrase seems truer than the vernacular might believe. Because boredom can actually shorten a person's natural life expectancy, according to the long-term study Whitehall Study by Annie Britton and Martin Shipley, both of whom work at the School of Life and Medical Sciences at University College London.

As early as the late 1980s, more than 7,500 London officials (sic!), between 35 and 55 years of age, carried out a long-term study.

The participants were asked, among other things, whether they had been within the last month bored while working had. Years later, research was carried out to find out which of the public servants surveyed had died up to and including April 2009. The Result is amazing:

  • The ones who answered on the job very bored died early from heart problems - 2.5 times as often as their non-bored colleagues.

For better understanding and comparison:

  • On average, smokers are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as non-smokers.
  • People who suffer from both obesity and high blood pressure and Afflicted with diabetes are twice as likely to have a heart attack as ordinary people.

This is confirmed by a study by the American Heart Association, carried out by Deepak Bhatt, among others.

This means:

The risk of dying from increased boredom (at work) is no less low than in the examples above. Rather, it's bigger.

That's how short it is, admittedly, somewhat exaggerated, because boredom is not the real cause of death. The researchers also found that people who get bored more often seem to have a less healthy lifestyle.

Boredom: recognizing subtle signs

As a perfect bore, you of course also want confirmation of whether you have actually succeeded in putting your counterpart in a trance. Conveniently, your interlocutor sends subtle signalsby which you can tell when his brain is finally up Standby has switched. So if you manage to evoke these signs in all of your interactions, you are a real one Master of boredom and should definitely not tell anyone about it in order to continue not to attract attention.

  1. Monosyllabic.

    As soon as the person you are talking to stops asking questions and only nods in agreement or mumbles “Hm, hm” and “Yes, yes”, you've made it. Here someone has switched off internally and is already mentally at home or with a friendly colleague in the neighboring office.

  2. Interrupt.

    Interrupting someone else is generally considered grossly impolite (which it is). But it is also a strong indication that your sentences are as inspiring as pigeon poop. After all: the other person is still so interested in you that he tries to steer the conversation towards a more interesting field. Stop this attempt!

  3. Turn away.

    The body doesn't lie. People who listen carefully, find each other personable and are interested in one another, at some point face each other head-on. You seal yourself off from external influences and signal: We don't want to be disturbed. However, if one of them turns back to the room, he opens up the community - or says non-verbally: Can someone please release me ?! Do not respond to this request but keep talking persistently!

  4. Lack of imagination.

    If you are bored, you won't ask any more questions and ask you, for example: “What exactly do you mean by that?” Or ask you: “Tell us how it happened!” Some polite people disguise their weariness with small questions, The more revealing is the nature of the questions: the more unimaginative, the more bored!

  5. blink

    Every 20 to 30 seconds our eyes blink to spread tear fluid on the eye and wipe away dirt. It is a physical reflex that is hardly paid attention to. Wrongly. Because eyes are particularly treacherous. Anyone who speaks blinks more often than someone who is silent. If this is the other way around, one can assume that the listener will be bored.

  6. Remain silent.

    There are studies that show that people rate a conversation as particularly valuable when they have chatted most of the time - especially about themselves: their strengths, their successes, their job, their ingenuity. Men in particular are almost unbeatable when it comes to impressing attractive women. The more the person you are talking to remains silent, the more certain you can be that he will be bored.

  7. Yawning.

    The supreme discipline of all bores: If you manage to get your conversation partner to yawn, you are playing in the top league of tantrums. After all, you're so uninteresting that others actually get sleepy around you.

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