Are Costco Diamonds of good quality

Costco, Honolulu

Due to geographic restrictions, we always visited Costco's competitor in town. I figured they were basically the same, right? Not correct. I am grateful that a family member recently became a member of Costco where we discovered all the things that ... This place is in Hawaii - Kai on the Ewa side of the pond. There is ample parking space that is shared with Ross and other shops and restaurants in the mini mall. Outside there is a stand for pizza and ice cream. Note that this is cash or direct debit only. Inside is the entry with membership counters, car deals, and other promotional items. Inside is the main warehouse. They have everything in bulk at low prices. Frozen foods, products, and packaged foods are on the outside and back. The focus is on books, clothing, toys, furniture and sports equipment. You never know what goodies you will find; It's hard for us to find out without buying more than we planned. Toilets are in front. The checkout area is large and spacious, with plenty of space for social distance. The staff here scan for you, they are quick and efficient. The staff were friendly and helpful too, it made for a personal and enjoyable experience. Crowds are easier here than in Iwelei, but again there is no gas station