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Sports and recreational activities in Canada

Olympic Games in Canada

The country's Olympic history is definitely worth mentioning. In 2010 the 21st Olympic Winter Games took place in Vancouver. After the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary, it was the second Winter Olympics in Canada. In 1976 Canada was able to host the Summer Olympics in Montreal. While Canada could not win a single gold medal at the Summer Games in Montreal and the Winter Games in Calgary, things went much better in Vancouver. With 14 gold medals won, the host took first place in the medal table.

Ice hockey - a popular sport and Canada's favorite

Ice hockey is extremely popular as a sport in Canada. One in five Canadians names ice hockey as their favorite sport. Ice hockey is huge business in Canada, comparable to soccer here in this country. The NHL ice hockey league is known around the world, and for most ice hockey players it is the greatest to play in the league. Well-known teams are. the Montreal Canadiens, the Ottawa Senators or the Calgary Flames.

At the ice hockey World Cup in their own country in 2008, Canada was beaten in the final by Russia, but in 2007 they already took the title. Canada's account of countless Olympic medals has also been made.

Incidentally, Canada also has its own ice hockey league for women, so Canadian women are often miles superior to other countries. Ice hockey clubs can be found in almost every Canadian city.

Curling requires tactics and skill

Curling is a winter sport and is played on ice and is similar to ice stock sport, although the rules are far more complex. Curling is very popular in Canada. The Royal Montreal Curling Club, founded in 1807, is the oldest surviving sports club in all of North America. In curling, two teams of four players each play against each other. The goal is to play the curling stone as centrally as possible in the house at the other end of the ice rink. The house is like a round target. While one player is playing the stone, the other team members can use special wipers or brooms to influence the speed and direction of the stone without touching it. Quick wiping creates a film of water on the ice through frictional heat, which allows the stone to continue running. From a certain point onwards, the opponents of the playing team can try to wipe the stone as far as possible from the center of the target with the help of wiping. Curling is a tactical game and is therefore also called the chess of ice. In 2006 and 2010, the Canadian men won gold at the Winter Olympics.

Ski and snowboard paradise

Canada is one of the dream destinations of many skiers and snowboarders. The Rocky Mountains offer ideal conditions for this. Especially the wonderful powder snow, also "champagne powder"Called, is valued worldwide. Places like Lake Louise, Kicking Horse or Banff offer wide ski areas with seemingly endless slopes. Overcrowded slopes, as is sometimes known from the Alps, are an absolute exception in Canada. If you are looking for the absolute thrill, you should try heliskiing. A helicopter takes you to the most remote slopes. Once there, the adventure often begins with a courageous jump into a dangerous deep snow adventure.