You can use edible oil as a lubricant

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Basically aj - only gets rancid and gummy very quickly.
If you don't care about the smell ...
I wouldn't do it resinified. Gun oil is always good, "Ballistol". You can even lick it off when you get your hands on it, it tastes like medicine, it is purely plant-based.
Nothing against Ballistol - but that with "purely vegetable" is complete nonsense.

The main component of Ballistol is medical grade white oil.
And white oil is made up of paraffin oil

So you can also snack on Vaseline ...
In theory, cooking oil should eliminate the squeaking, since only the consistency is decisive. Still, I would advise against it, because I don't know exactly how cooking oil behaves over time. It will certainly not go moldy, but at least it is a food.
My father used to use Staufferfett - I've never had to lubricate my doors.
Rosi_ ?!
In principle yes, it should just be relatively odorless. You can put it in place with a cloth or an eyedropper. But I think it's better fat, it's in the tube. In my opinion, it lasts a lot longer and is also easier to apply than oil because it doesn't run that easily.
Waldemar Stein
You will most likely not destroy the hinge with cooking oil, but it will probably not be particularly helpful against the squeaking. If I were you, I would use a normal lubricating oil, so that you get rid of the problem immediately.