What is the Saint Gobain Interview Process

It all started ...

So before going on vacation for three weeks and having other thoughts, that was my plan. And yet, with a guilty conscience, I looked around the relevant job portals beforehand and came across the advertisement for the International Management Trainee from Saint-Gobain. The location of the General Delegation for Central Europe: Aachen.

Vacation or application marathon? Simply both!

Sounds exciting and varied, I thought. But then I also noticed that the ad had been online for a month and a half and that the official program was scheduled to start the next month. I wanted to be on the road for three weeks alone. You can check that off, I thought. Or maybe you would rather ask if an application is still worthwhile? That was on a Saturday.

Sure, on Monday I checked with the HR department to be on the safe side and found out that an application is still worthwhile. So the application was out two days later, on a Tuesday morning. Then only two days later, on Thursday, I had my first interview by phone. One day later, on Friday, I received the response that I was being invited to an interview, and I had to say contrite that I was now on vacation and that I could hardly keep the start date.

The reaction was refreshingly open and flexible: after the holiday we just pick up where we left off.

So on Tuesday I finally flew into the long-awaited vacation with sun, forests, beaches, tea plantations, food markets. And then it actually continued right where we left off.

Instead of stressful job interviews, just ask a simple question: "Is it okay?"

What I really liked about the application process is that there was no artificial pressure (I did that part myself, of course I was really excited before the interviews). In the job interview, my interlocutors did not sit in front of me as opponents. No recruitment questionnaires were worked through here. The focus was on my personality and, above all, the question: "Does it fit?"

Half of the application test also consisted of questions about personality. By the way, you always get personal feedback on the results. Assessment centers and similar stories, whose meaningfulness and validity are already viewed critically by some places, are saved. But the recruitment process did not end after the first personal interview. Another - yes, right - another conversation followed. This time my interlocutor was my future mentor, who had the last word on the attitude. Here, too, my previous impression ran like a red thread. Again it was more about the personality and getting to know each other for the first time.

The result of this individual, flexible and very personal application process was a good feeling! In this way, I already gained confidence in my future contacts and superiors during the application process. And so, not only for Saint-Gobain but also for me, the question: “Does it fit?” Was answered with an honest “Yes!”

More information about our offers for graduates at www.saint-gobain.de/karrierestart