Jews control the US

Wall Street is dominated by the Jewish lobby. It controls the Hollywood film industry, the international media, and - most important of all - it pulls the strings of American world politics. There is hardly anything more myths and legends spun around the globe than about the influence of Judaism.

Their biggest playing field is Washington, where lobbying is as American as baseball or apple pie. Here the lobby groups are an industry that has a turnover of six billion dollars a year and is one of the largest economic drivers in the region. In his exciting search for the Jewish influence on American politics, Schneider does away with fateful prejudices at the same time. Because the Jews of America no longer speak with one voice.
While the Jewish lobby was previously considered to be a conservative group that unconditionally stood behind Israel and its policies, this picture has changed significantly in the meantime. The main reason for this is Barak Obama's entry into the White House. While his predecessors mostly supported Israel's policy without long debates, President Obama is pursuing a political line that assigns Israel a share of responsibility for the apparently hopeless situation in the Middle East. Obama's new line also gave new forces among America's Jews an unexpected boost: A young group of peace-loving Jewish lobbyists called 'J Street' got a tailwind with Obama that they could only dream of a year ago. The voices of America's Jews in politics have thus become more differentiated, the search for a way out of the impasse in the Middle East has grown in intensity.

During his search for clues, which also led him to Chicago when Obama's political beginnings began, Uri Schneider portrays conservatives and liberals. He accompanies lobbyists of various stripes into the corridors and into the offices of representatives in the Capitol. His film not only corrects the anti-Semitic image of the decisive Jewish influence on America's course, it also provides quite surprising insights into how American politics work.