Which operating system is best for games

The operating systems in comparison

The term itself explains what operating systems are required for. An operating system is required if the computer is using Programs and applications are operated should. It must ensure that all components of the computer work together. If the mouse is moved on the desk, the operating system performs several tasks at once. It registers the movement of the mouse - it is supported by an electrical component located on the motherboard. It also calculates how far and where the mouse was moved. The operating system provides the information to all programs that are open. In cooperation with the graphics card, it ensures that the mouse pointer moves visibly on the screen. Of course, the operating system takes on much more complex tasks, but only displaying the mouse requires a lot of work in the background. If you buy a PC, for exampleMicrosoftWindows is preinstalled, you should know that there is not only the operating system itself, but also other additional programs. These are tools that are required for things like cleaning up the hard drive, burning a CD, and other tasks. Graphics programs, Games and Word processing are also included. Every operating system has a search function that can be used to find pre-installed programs and functions.

The best tuning software in comparison


Every operating system has one different structure and therefore also other areas of focus. Microsoft Windows relies, for example, on a home screen that has a start button at the bottom left, with which the user can call up programs, open files or shut down the computer. On the so-called task bar, which runs at the bottom of the screen, users have the option of permanently placing their favorite programs and thus calling up and using functions more quickly. Apple continues with its operating system MacOS Sierra on a home screen, where the taskbar is also the central menu and runs in the middle at the bottom. At Ubuntu and Linux Mint in turn, the start banner is arranged on the left side of the desktop.

The user can fill the remaining area of ​​the desktop with the icons of the programs or files that he would like to open quickly. It applies to all operating systems that the consumer needs some time to get used to. Even if Windows, MacOS Sierra and Co. are similar in a few ways, the number of differences is much higher. The changeover time for the user within an operating system, for example fromMicrosoft'sWindows 8 on Windows 10, is much lower, as the basic properties hardly change.

Advantages of the operating systems

The reason for the purchase of the computer is decisive for the question of what the user should pay attention to. For Windows operating systems are often suitable for playing PC gamessince most games are designed for that software. There are now some titles for MacOS-Users - but clearly in the minority.

If you don't want to spend money on an operating system, you should go for Ubuntu or Linux Mint decide. Both products can be downloaded free of charge and are easy to install. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are also considered the most secure operating systems. This is not due to the precautions taken on the part of the developer, but rather to the lower prevalence. The goal of computer viruses or Trojans is to gain as much data as possible. Windows and MacOS have more users and data that could potentially be stolen.

The developers of the operating systems attach increasing importance to an assistant for the user. With the help of artificial intelligence, these programs can answer questions, help with Internet searches or open functions of the computer. The assistants usually also operate with voice control, which simplifies work on the computer. At Windows this function is called Cortana, at MacOS Sierra Siri and at LinuxMint as Ubuntu Sirius.

Windows 10MacOS SierraLinux MintUbuntu
Variety of programsClear interfaceFreeFree
Ideal for playing gamesShort loading timessecuritysecurity
Compatible with many devicesAutomatic memory cleaningComprehensibilityIndividually adaptable
ClearlyLittle spywareUpdate systemspeed
Tutorials for updatesCustomer serviceFreedom of designUpdate system
speedApple's own programsClearlyClearly
Advantages of the different operating systems.

The best operating systems and Windows alternatives

Windows 10

With Windows 10 Microsoft would like to pave the uniform way, each of the technical devices with a WindowsVersion to operate. A computer, tablet, smartphone or the Xbox One With Windows 10 operated and served. It is then possible to play together, but starting work on the computer and continuing on the tablet is no longer a dream.

With the Windows 10 Every user can get a trial version of the new features on the soon available WindowsOperating system deal. The good old Internet Explorer is no longer used, instead a new browser is being launched under the name Spartan. The start menu requested by all users returns in a transparent version and the language assistant Cortana can by the user with the voice command 'Hey Cortana'are started. An additional possibility to control the PC, but also to control the search for files by voice, brings the corresponding time advantage. In addition, the Lumia technology, which comes from the smartphone, is also used when using the camera Windows 10 Move in and integrate a corresponding app.

MacOS Sierra

Apple aims to deliver a coherent overall package of software, operating system and end device. The developers are constantly modernizing the products in order to maintain their quality. This also applies to the design, which has a high standard for both hardware and software. With the operating system MacOS Sierra The developers always make it a point to enable their users to use the iPhone or the Apple Watch quickly with that Mac-Desktop PC can be connected. The operating system has some innovative convenience functions ready, such as the automatic unlocking of the Macsas soon as the user is with his Apple Watch near the computer.

With the installation of the operating system MacOS Sierra are also directly accompanied by additional, high-quality additional programs such as Final Cut Pro. Apple uses a simple design for its in-house computer software so that the user is not overwhelmed by the variety of programs on the desktop. Another function of the operating system is the automatic memory cleaning. The system moves unopened attachments of old e-mails, duplicate files and unused documents to the cloud to make space for other programs for the user.

In case of a problem with MacOS Sierra the consumer can get help free of charge in an Apple Store. The customer service of the Californian company is a big plus point for the consumer service and thanks to the increased number of Apple users it is meanwhile also widespread in German cities. Otherwise, the consumer also has the option of receiving help by email or telephone.

Linux Mint

User of Linux Mint There are two main characteristics that value the operating system: stability and security. For the latter, the developers have not developed any special software, but rather benefit from the low distribution of the operating system. An attack on users of Linux Mint is hardly worth it for hackers, since the user share under all operating systems recently exceeded the two percent mark. Even if the number of consumers is comparatively small, it has increased in recent years.

The mentioned stability is guaranteed Linux especially through our own update system. If the user updates his operating system, all other preinstalled ones are also renewed LinuxPrograms. In this way, the developers guarantee their users that the software runs smoothly and smoothly. Linux attaches great importance to the fact that the user can compile his own programs. In this way, he can easily remove or add functions and files, which allows him to personalize his computer.

A typical flaw of the LinuxOperating system was the low number of games available. For real gamers, computers with such an operating system were out of the question. Almost every development studio produced exclusively for Windows-Computer. This loophole was at least partially remedied by the Internet sales platform Steam. Some games (such as Rimworld: https://www.netzsieger.de/p/rimworld), which the user can download there, also work on the operating system Linux Mint.


Also the operating system Ubuntu based onLinux. Therefore, this software is very similar to its sister product Mint. Security and stability are also the distinguishing features of Ubuntu. The user can put together the operating system individually and remove or add available programs. As most software products for Windows has to be produced Linux alternatively, you can create your own pool of applications for your own operating system. These programs also include, for example Ubuntu Studio, which is specially designed for the processing of audio, video or image files.

Interested parties can Ubuntu try without installation. Linux relies on a slim user interface and simple operation with this operating system. Tried this way Ubuntuto make the switch to your own user interface as easy as possible. About the Ubuntu Software center, similar to an app store, allows users to set up their computers from various programs and applications.

The coherent user interface and the fast, smooth running of the applications ensure a reliable and easy-to-understand operating system. Constant updates optimize the software for the user and guarantee a fast, smooth flow of the programs as well as a constantly modern design.

Windows 8

The absolute innovation is the introduction of two different start screens below Windows 8. The tile variant specially designed for input via touch and the desktop intended for mouse and keyboard control. A uniform appearance so that the user can use the PC as well as a smartphone WindowsOperating system immediately feels at home.

In addition, the online memory creates a central point at which all data can be called up and changed from various systems. With the latest version of Internet Explorer, the consistent way of Internet browsing is continued and the user can rely on the features. Support for the new ReFS file format is also supported by Windows 8 guaranteed. So that the user can always download new programs, the Windows-Store provided. This can be used to search for apps for work, but also for games.

Windows 7

Since 10/22/09 can Windows 7 can be purchased in stores. There are three versions for private users Windows 7 starter, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium.

The starter variant of the WindowsOperating system is more aimed at use with a small netbook and offers limited media player use. The other two variants are supplied with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. In the Home Basic variant, the main memory in the 32-bit variant is limited to a maximum of 4GB and to 8GB in the 64-bit variant. The Windows 7 Home Premium Variant allows a use of the main memory of up to 16GB and also has the complete Windows Media Center, as well as additional games in scope. This means that all options are open to the user to use the Windows 7-operated computer for creating documents, browsing the Internet and playing videos.