How can I get free Apple products

Apple TV +: One year free, that's how it works!

Kris Wallburg

Apple has started its own streaming service and buyers of a new iPhone, Mac and Co. can watch one year for free. In this practical tip we explain which requirements you have to meet and how you start your free membership.

EnlargeYou may be able to use Apple's TV + for one year for free.

With Apple TV +, Apple has launched its own streaming service. In contrast to competing offers such as Netflix, it relies exclusively on in-house productions. Accordingly, the range of series and films is even more limited and the price is also significantly cheaper at just five euros a month. But under certain conditions you can even use the Apple TV + offer for a whole year free of charge. You only have to meet one condition: You have bought a new iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or Apple TV since September 10, 2019. It is important that it is a new device on which the offer has not yet been used.

And this is how you activate your free year on Apple TV +:

  • Make sure you have the latest system software installed on your device

  • Open the Apple TV app. You may have to download it from the App Store

  • A window should open informing you of their free year. You can activate the subscription using the button.

EnlargeYou can easily activate the offer in the Apple TV app
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If the activation doesn't work

Some users report activation issues. If the offer does not open automatically in the app, look for it under the "View now" tab.

EnlargeLook for the offer under the "View Now" tab
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If that doesn't work, try the homepage.

  • Open in your web browser

  • Sign in with your Apple ID

  • You should now see the offer

If the app gives you an error message when activating the offer, there can be several reasons. Either your device was purchased before September 1st or the offer has already been activated for this device. During our test, an error message was incorrectly issued once, but the offer was still activated.

EnlargeSometimes the error message appears incorrectly.

Check whether the offer is active

To check whether the offer has been successfully activated, you need to view your subscriptions.

  • Either: Open the Apple TV app, tap on your profile and select "Manage subscriptions"

  • Or: Open the App Store, select your profile and select "Subscriptions"

  • Apple TV + should be listed under Current Subscriptions. If the expiration date shown is in a year, you have succeeded.