What is the best example of referral marketing

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Recommendation marketing beats classic marketing. It is the method of choice in times of declining advertising effectiveness and high comparability. It is about much more than the simple question of recommendation addresses. To be recommended by your customers is not only the most effective, but also the most cost-effective form of acquiring new customers - and thus the most intelligent strategy for growth in returns of all time.

We show 10 measures you can use to make your recommendation marketing even more successful:

Measure 1. If you send a newsletter or other information, stimulate the passing on, for example, as follows: “You surely know people for whom this newsletter / this offer could also be of interest. We would be very grateful if you would forward this email to three people. "

measure 2. Copy the Amazon method. Rumor has it that the online mail-order company generates around 25 percent more sales with its recommendation systems. It works like this: Customers who bought product x also bought product y (collaborative system). Or like this: Since you recently bought product x, you might also be interested in product y (content-based system). About 30 percent of all videos are viewed on YouTube because they are recommended to users at the end of a clip.

measure 3. Ask enthusiastic customers for written statements about the quality of your work. You can't have enough statements like that. Do not just include these in offers, sales documents, advertising letters and brochures. Put suitable testimonials on your website - ideally on the home page, for example in a slider.

measure 4. Get active on the social web. Write good blog and Twitter posts that will be shared, linked or retweeted. Share your knowledgeable opinions on internet forums. Report regularly about what you are doing in the input fields on Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook & Co. And comment on the technical contributions of other people with respect and substance. Restrain yourself as much as possible with self-promotion. You prefer to shine through professional competence.

measure 5. Create free content to download. These are specialist articles, white papers, checklists or e-books that offer the readers useful value in your specialist field. Here too: Document your technical expertise, but only briefly mention your services - ideally at the end. You can upload such elaborations on your website or offer specialist portals for posting. Since good contributions are freely circulated on the social web, you as a specialist can quickly get into conversation - and thus also to inquiries and orders.

measure 6. Don't just wait to get reviews on the web, actively invite them. It works like this: "Discuss in our forum about ...." Or: "Tell us your story about ..." Or: "Upload pictures that show what you have experienced with our products." Or : “Please rate us on….” Or: “If you have the opportunity, write down a short experience report….” At Monarch Wildlife Cruises & Tours from New Zealand it sounds like this: “We would be happy if you included your experiences, pictures and videos other wildlife fans on our Facebook page or recommend us on TripAdvisor ”.

measure 7. Show positive online reviews on your website, preferably on a rolling basis. Change them constantly to make yourself interesting again and again. Install social plugins, i.e. share and like click fields on your websites and social media presences - ideally as a two-click solution. Include icons and widgets from rating platforms on your pages.

measure 8. Secure links from high-quality websites with high pageranks to your own site. Because the currency on the web is called Link. Each link is like a small letter of recommendation. He tells Google Co. how popular a page is.

measure 9. Create viral videos. At the US mixer manufacturer Blendtec, for example, the odd boss Tom Dickson can be filmed as he - at the suggestion of the viewer - shreds a wide variety of objects in his high-performance mixer. In this way he made the household appliance a bestseller. On YouTube, the film of pulverizing an iPad alone achieved over 17 million views.

measure 10. If you run an online shop: Install a rating system there. According to an ECC-Handel study, the purchase probability increases by almost 40 percent when positive product reviews are displayed.