What makes you believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

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    Realize your abilities. Realize the skills you have and the good things about yourself. There are so many! You may not always recognize them, but they are there. One way to recognize these is to look for the things that do not cause you to worry. Also, pay attention to the things that others compliment you on (even if you are not good at taking compliments). When you look at the things you do well, you will also feel more comfortable doing other things.

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    Achieve your goals. Always set yourself goals and achieve them. So get on with you and do a few things. If you just think about all of the things you'd like to do and just don't do them, then you will feel bad for not even starting. Once you set a goal, work hard to achieve it. Keep in mind, however, that they have to be sensible goals. As the saying goes, “no master has fallen from heaven”, so don't expect to learn 8 languages ​​and become an excellent ballet dancer in the next 5 years. Then you can be prepared to be very disappointed.

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    Learn from mistakes. Instead of viewing your mistakes as mistakes, see them as an opportunity to learn from them. You did something wrong and now you know that it is absolutely wrong, which makes it easier for you to do the right thing. Anything you do wrong in your life gives you a lesson, so accept it. [1]

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    Try it even if you think you can or shouldn't. Sometimes we feel like we shouldn't do something because we think we're just doing it wrong anyway. That's a bad attitude. Instead, give yourself permission to try things out, even if you do them wrong. If you never try new things, you will never make progress.[2]

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    Talk to people who love you. If you are really struggling to see all the wonderful things about yourself, then you can always talk to someone who loves you. Tell them you are having problems with this right now and they will do their best to change that for you. Even if we struggle with it sometimes, others are always able to recognize our good qualities.

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    Take breaks when you need them. If a situation or task just overwhelms you, don't hesitate to allow yourself a break to take another deep breath and remind yourself that you can do it. Even if that pause is only in your head, it's okay to stop and take a short break to reassure yourself of your belief.

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    Do something you believe in. Another thing that can help you believe in yourself again is to commit to something you believe in. Do something that you know is very important and that you know needs to be done. Get good grades in school to become a doctor, protect your younger siblings from bullies, take part in a demonstration for a good cause: it doesn't matter what you believe in, but believe in it. You will be so convinced that it has to be done that you will just do it.