Who can change his religion

Constitution. The fundamental rights

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Article 4 - Religious Freedom

(1) Freedom of belief, conscience and freedom of religious and ideological creed are inviolable.
(2) The undisturbed practice of religion is guaranteed.
(3) Nobody may be forced to do military service with a weapon against his conscience. (...)
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Article 4 protects the freedom
to believe in that
what you like.

Everyone has the right
his religion or his Worldview
to choose yourself.

A worldview is the way
how a person explains the world.
This also includes
what is important to him in the world.
  • Science is important to some people.
  • Philosophy is important to some people.
  • Some people care about certain policies.
  • For some people it is religion important.
    There are many different religions in the world.
    Religions are for example:
    Christianity, Judaism, Islam,
    Buddhism or Hinduism.
Every religion and every worldview is allowed.
Everyone is free to decide
what they believe or don't believe in.
For example, the state is not allowed to say:
  • "We are a Christian country.
    Only Christian churches are allowed to be built. "
  • Or "We are an Islamic country.
    Only mosques are allowed to be built "
Nobody can be forced
to believe in a particular religion.
This also applies to your own children.
From the age of 14 everyone can decide for themselves
what he or she wants to believe.
No matter what the parents say about it.

The state must not force anyone to fight in war.
This is also stated in Article 4.
A person can say:
  • "I think it's wrong to fight in war."
  • "My religion does not allow me to fight in war".
  • Or: "I am not allowed to kill anyone,"
    not even if I am attacked.
Fighting in war is then against one's conscience.
Then the person does not have to fight in war.
But maybe he has to help out in a hospital, for example.