How often do dolphins kill people

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Are Dolphins Dangerous?

Hi guys. Since I can dive again "for ears". If I wanted to know something else, we are on vacation in Turkey (island Avsa). There we often see bottlenose dolphins from the beach or from the bot. I can if we you can see from the bot just jump into the water and swim quietly? Have there already been dolphin attacks on people? Or when I'm snorkeling and dolphins are near me then I can slowly swim to you? What should I not do and what should I watch out for?
Hope you can help me, until now I have never dared to do it ...
greetings Özkan
I would never go near a dolphin, they are so aggressive, you see them all the time with their mouths smeared with blood !! Often people's limbs are still hanging out of their mouths!

Joking aside: The question seems very troll ...

Dolphins are actually very peaceful companions and almost always feel like playing, otherwise hardly anyone would be able to snorkel with them because they are simply too fast.
Nevertheless, one should not underestimate them, male dolphins sometimes do not appreciate it if you disturb them in courtship, and I would not get too close to the females with young dolphins either.
The dolphin attacks a la Flipper the shark killer is probably a bit exaggerated, but he could certainly give out a painful bump if he wanted - they sometimes do to each other too.

But no matter how close they let you get -
please do not touch.
First of all, you shouldn't get these animals too used to people (imagine the dolphin swims to the beach to play with the children and there is an unwanted bite in the hand)
Second, there are bacteria and fungi that could be transmitted unnoticed by humans.

I guess you've never seen pinball machines ........

The criminals were often torn to pieces by the dolphin .........

Or the film "The White Dolphin" with Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss.

Just watch out, I tell you ........
Kind regards
So I can just jump from the hose into the water when you are there! OR?
Anyway, I survived ...
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... you can, in any case nothing would hold me back from it
the problem is probably that they were there when you jumped into the water.
Try to get into the water inconspicuously and swim in a direction that would just get you past the dolphins.
If the dolphins care about you, you win.

Jumping in and swimming to it should mostly drive them away.

Ok thank you guys, has there NEVER been an attack by dolphins on humans?
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There was once an accident in Hawaii when a spinner dolphin crashed into a snorkeler while jumping (I read it there in the press). Dolphins might pinch once and your suit has a hole, theoretically they can flatten you, but they don't. (I only believe in Avsa Island)
Dolphins are not killers, but "wild" animals, even if I myself had great experiences with them while diving. But it can also turn out differently:

But captivity "certainly" also played a role in this
I know a dive guide who probably played a little too often underwater with a certain (free-living) dolphin (with a ball), and at some point the dolphin became a bit rough while playing and broke his rib. I have never heard of spontaneous attacks and have never experienced any myself (even when young animals are present, etc.).
There are reports of "loving" male dolphins who tried to coarse with hominids in the usual dolphin fashion ...
Achmed never wanted to dive in water with loving dolphins again.
Better to stay with Doris on a chain in the cellar or be allowed to look at the carp in the quarry pond.
But if dolphin man come with a sword like Conan,
Achmed sit down behind the coral.
Or even better idea: Achmed make a long backplate out of the Mitsubishi bonnet - then nothing more could happen ...

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Or even better idea: Achmed make Doris happy with his effusions and spare us them
Sorry to shuttle

at Uli's comment his imagination probably got through

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Well, what our Uli does and what associations it does
Achmed: all right

I do not find the question as funny as it was conceived here. Statistically, more people die from dolphins than from shark attacks. This is because the "permanent smile" - which is perceived as such for us as humans - people approach these animals very differently. The general image of the dolphin is a very trivialized and mostly positive one, but this is by no means true. Dolphins do not kill people out of sheer malice, but remember that they are still predators. Their interest in people is not strengthened by food-related motives, but simply by the rarity of the encounter, which, as has already been read above, tempts some Defline to play. In doing so, they sometimes push and shove the object of their interest quite firmly in the bottom, which can lead to the worst blood loss and death. Conclusion: Dolphins look less dangerous than sharks, but "kill" more often than sharks, even if they do it more consciously when it happens. So you have to be careful and at the first sign of a dolphin you have to start planning how you could most easily lure it into a freshwater area, the dolphin would be happy ...

Kind regards

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"Statistically ...": do you have sources here? In principle it is true, but I do not know any statistics on this.

Dolphins, like sharks, have a language, they usually issue a warning before they seriously concern you (e.g. chatter)

How do you lure a dolphin out of the sea into fresh water when it gets tight and he gives you a warning? ... this strategy could take a while
So, I work in a dolphin park and I can say that dolphins are no cuddly toys. Of course, they behave differently in captivity than in freedom, but with us in the park it has often happened that they show themselves aggressive when something does not suit them, or they just have a bad day. this aggressive behavior can be implied biting, loud chattering noises, or a kick with the tail fin. and that is exactly what can happen in open water, so my tip is to leave it alone
well dolphins are peaceful but they can
They can also become dangerous by playing with you and drowning you or when they let you with their fins and tail
Nice video on the subject :
"F ... me!"
could it be that the movements in the video are being misinterpreted?
In my opinion, the dolphin falls back into the pool immediately when it stops the drive.

Appreciate the copulatory movements that we are used to doing under water a little differently than we are used to.

Note: The moon is always round, no matter what we see.