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Looking for cheap flights? skyscanner is the world's most popular website for booking low-cost flights.

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1. What is skyscanner?
2. How does skyscanner work?
3. How do I search for cheap flights on skyscanner?
4. Tips for finding cheap flights on skyscanner
5. Looking for adventure? Try to search “Everywhere”
6. Things to consider when booking flights with skyscanner

1. What is skyscanner?

With over 60 million monthly users, Skyscanner is one of the most popular websites in the world for travel seekers.

The main feature of Skyscanner is its powerful search engine, which enables us to quickly and easily find the best prices on flights, hotels and rental cars from a wide variety of offers from airlines and travel agents around the world.

Skyscanner is available in over 30 languages ​​and 70 currencies, as a website and as a mobile app.

2. How does skyscanner work?

skyscanner is primarily a powerful search engine for flights, hotels and rental cars.

First we look for a service (flight / accommodation / rental car), then the search results are displayed and we can filter and select the provider - the airline, hotel or travel agency from which we would like to order the service.

It is important to understand that skyscanner is just a travel search engine and that all bookings and payments are made on the website of the chosen travel provider.

All service inquiries from the customer should also be directed to the travel provider (airline / hotel / travel agency etc.) and not to Skyscanner itself.

3. How do I search for cheap flights on skyscanner?

1) Visit

2) At the first stage of the process we can choose the type of search we want to do - flights / hotels / rental vehicles.

3) Now enter the details of the trip: destination, date, number of passengers, type of flight and click on "Search".

4) The search results appear within approx. 30 seconds, sorted by price - from low to high.

5) We can filter and refine the search results - with parameters such as price, number of stops, flight duration, airline, airports and more.

6) We can also sort the search results according to different parameters: price, total flight time, take-off and landing hours, number of stops and more.

7) After we have found and selected the right flight for our needs, we go to a page that lists the prices for the chosen flight with various airlines and travel agents.

It is important to pay attention to the rating of the airline / travel agency and only select suppliers with a high rating (4 stars or higher).

The rating at skyscanner is based on user feedback on price reliability, fees, customer service and user interface on the provider's website.

8) After we have selected our preferred service provider, we will be transferred to complete the reservation on their website.

It is important to note that the prices displayed on Skyscanner include an estimate of all mandatory taxes and fees, but in some cases they will differ from the actual final price of the flight. Therefore, it is very important to check all ticket details on the provider's website before making a reservation.

4. Tips for finding cheap flights on skyscanner

skyscanner has some great tools that make it easier to find cheap flights. Let's check out some of them:

1) Find the cheapest time to book a flight

With one of the best tools from skyscanner, we find the cheapest time to book flights to different destinations.

The method is very simple - after you have selected the desired destination, click on the “Departure” field and select “Cheapest month”. The flight details for the cheapest month are displayed.

2) How do I find the cheapest flights in a given month?

In order to find the cheapest flights in a certain month, select the option “Full month” in the field “Departure”.

The flight prices are then displayed in a monthly view:

Users who prefer a graphical view can select the Chart tab for the following results view:

3) When is it best to book airline tickets?

According to skyscanner, the best time to book a flight is 24 weeks before your scheduled flight.

The data also shows that the most expensive time to book a flight is two weeks before departure - when the demand for flights is highest.

4) Subscribe to email notifications about the cheapest flights

The skyscanner price notification service enables us to receive instant notifications of price changes for flights to our specified destinations.

5) Search regularly

When planning a flight, it is advisable to search Skyscanner several times on different days and hours.

That way, there is a better chance of finding cheap deals before they run out.

5. Looking for adventure? Try to search “Everywhere”

Are you limited on budget but flexible in choosing a destination? skyscanner allows you to search for "Everywhere".

The “everywhere” search finds us the cheapest flights from a certain location to destinations around the world and can inspire the open-minded traveler.

We can also combine the “Search Anywhere” option with the “Cheapest Month” search that we discussed in the previous section.

This way we can find the cheapest flight regardless of the destination or flight date. This search can sometimes lead to surprising and very interesting results.

6. Things to consider when booking flights with skyscanner

1) Price differences between skyscanner and the provider

This doesn't happen very often, but sometimes there is a difference between the prices that appear on Skyscanner and the provider's website.

This can happen for a variety of reasons - credit card payment fees, baggage and seating price, taxes, and more.

In such cases, there's not much to do, and the price differences aren't usually significant - it's just important to know that they can happen.

2) Pay attention to the ranking of the provider

As we wrote earlier, skyscanner is a search engine and flight reservations are made directly by the airline or travel agent.

In order to know who is trustworthy, skyscanner provides the rating of the various providers based on user feedback.

When choosing a provider for a flight / hotel / rental car, it is worth considering the ranking.

3) There is no customer service at skyscanner

We get a lot of questions from people who have placed an order after using skyscanner and want to make changes to the order.

It is important to remember that skyscanner is just a search engine, not a service provider, and that all changes and cancellations must be made directly through the airline / travel agency from which we placed our order.

Your service provider details should appear in the confirmation email you received after making the reservation (remember to check the spam folder).


skyscanner is one of the best sites for booking cheap flights, and for those who are well versed in the site's tricks and options, the road to a cheap vacation can be surprisingly short.

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