Which Indonesian word has no English equivalent?

German has innumerable wonderful expressions. But for some facts it is easy to talk your mouth fluffy, while in another language a word or phrase would suffice. In international blogs and online forums, laypeople and translators collect, exchange and discuss unique words that make non-native speakers jealous. A small selection from all over the world.

This feeling when after a conversation - too late! - suddenly the right answer, the quick-witted counterattack, the appropriate reaction swirls in the head. That is exactly what should have been said, of course, and unfortunately it is too late now. In French, the time-shifted flash of inspiration is called "l'esprit d'escalier", literally translated as the meaning or spirit of the stairs. How appropriate, with this expression, the person immediately appears before the inner eye who knows more clearly with each step what he would have wanted to say in the space that he has just left behind.

Note d. Red .: A resourceful reader has meanwhile pointed out to us that Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre suggested a "quick wittedness crisis" for this situation in his book "Also Germans Among the Victims". Indeed a pity thatthis word has not yet prevailed!

And one more thing: In the 19th century, according to Grimm's dictionary, there was actually "stairs joke" as a German equivalent - but the use of this word has now changed significantly.