What kind of hairdresser are you

Take the test now: What type of hairdresser are you?

Are you a hairdresser and would like to know what type of hairdresser you are? Take our personality test now and find the perfect job for you! We'll show you what's right for you.

There are many different types of hairdressers! Everyone has individual goals and ideas about their dream job. Not sure yet what exactly you want to do and what type of hairdresser you are? Then take our personality test now and we'll tell you.

What's next?

After you have answered the questions in our “Which hairdresser type are you” test, we will evaluate your individual hairdresser test and then contact you. We will send you your individual result and tell you which job and which career path suits you best. We look forward to your result. Take part now and find out which type you are! From hairdressers for hairdressers!

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What types of hairdressers are there?

You want to know which types there are: Have a look!

Hairdresser type 1

The appointed person has the desire to continue their education and loves to work independently and creatively. She values ​​a great team, opportunities for advancement and wants to develop freely.

Hairdresser type 2

The satisfied woman would like to continue her education and enjoy working in a friendly team. A secure job and individual working hours are important to her.

Hairdresser type 3

The workers enjoy a good work-life balance with a high fixed salary and a lot of free time. A large team gives them pleasure.