How many people have died from skydiving

What is the death rate from skydiving?

Hello Sarah,

there are some statistics on this. In 2010 there were 5 deaths in 311,000 jumps in Germany and more than 70 serious and minor injuries.

Allegedly, participating in road traffic is 2.5 times more dangerous and only if you do 1 jump a day for 100 years, there should be a 50% death rate:

Here is a comparison to road users: Now I know what a milkmaid bill is. I'll do the following comparison calculation, taking into account the factors of time and distance:

If I take part in traffic for 1 hour (3,600 seconds) per day (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists), this corresponds to 60 parachute jumps (average 60 seconds) per day. This would mean the 50% probability of dying during a parachute jump do not occur after 100 years, but after 20 months.

The average distance traveled by road users is also somewhat different: of the 4,000 road deaths per year, not even 2,000 are drivers. Every driver puts an average mileage of 14,300 km on the road. With 1 parachute jump of 4,000 m a day, the result is only a distance of 1,460 KM - this is about 1/10 of the driving distance of a car driver. This means that the probability of a fatal accident (on the distance covered) is not 2.5 times higher for drivers, but 4 times higher when skydiving.

I don't want to dramatize anything, but I am against glossing over.